Today many companies understand that their long-term investment goals can be achieved only within stable, healthy and free social and financial environments. Earth Nation’s businesses have been in profitable operation for two to twenty five years, and incorporating the blockchain to their system is seen as a leap in the right direction.

Earth Nation takes this successful mission further by the release on 1st July, 2018, of EarthCycle (ECE) Coins on a decentralized funding platform. EarthCycle Coin is a Cryptocurrency powering a decentralized funding pool for positive change businesses, similar to more traditional avenues of grouping resources to fund businesses, such as stocks and investment contracts.

A primary feature devised by Earth Nation is that EarthCycle Coin comes with several economic influences that give the currency a stable and positive growth rate over time without speculation.This means EarthCycle Coin will continue rising in value over the years, with much less fluctuation compared to unbacked and speculative cryptocurrencies.


The ECE cryptocurrency is designed to fund the propagation and management of profitable business franchises that are systematically solving pollution, homelessness, extreme poverty, hunger and lack of access to clean water.

100% of profits from the EarthCycle Coin launch will be invested into profitable businesses that are solving systemic issues. These businesses will then return the majority of their profits to be re-distributed to fund additional businesses that will also return profits.How important is EarthCycle to the world’s booming population?

As a follow-through on their development endeavors, ECE will use 20% of all returns from ECE businesses to buy the Coin off the market and burn/destroy it. This market factor in combination with demand stimulated by ECE businesses and ECE voting platform gives the currency the potential for an exponential growth rate without speculation.

From July 1 to August 1 ECE Coins are in Pre-sale, during which time ECE Coins are $0.76 USD Equivalent each or $0.72 equivalent each for orders over 10,000 Coins, with 80% of returns invested into businesses that are helping the world.  Industry experts estimate a potential ECE Coin growth rate of over 100 times in the next 20 years based on ECE business profit history and historical market data.

Those interested in participating in the ECE Coin sale should take note that starting 1st of August 2018, the price of ECE Coins will be $0.80 Equivalent. The price will increase every 7 days by $0.03 until the end of the the Coin sale on 1st of February, 2019.

EarthCycle Coin projected to rise in value past 300% yearly during peak years

EarthCycle has an astounding line up of four businesses that have been in profitable operation for 2-25 years producing from 30%-100%+ annual return every year. These businesses are solving major problems around the world and are ready to scale from a total of 41 facilities to hundreds of facilities in the next 2 years. They have exclusive contracts that give them from 50-80% ownership of all facilities funded by EarthCycle.

Earth Nation envisions numerous advanced technologies, that once applied on a global systemic level, will drastically reduce the majority of the worst problems that plague our planet and species. Previous EC business profit history indicates a strong likelihood of 20%-180%+ annual APR for holders of EarthCycle Coin. Market influences along with speculative investment may raise the value of EarthCycle Coin past 300% yearly during peak years, projects industry experts.

Franchise-like businesses with great return on investment (25% to 100%+ yearly) that allow easy propagation and correct stewardship of technologies funded by infinitely available venture capital funds are obviously the keys to spreading these solutions across the world as quickly as possible, through ECE enabled operations.

EarthCycle funding will be allocated to tried and tested businesses that are already in profitable operation. Earth Nation will provide each company the opportunity to develop international franchises that are indefinitely connected with the EarthCycle Coin and the EarthCycle nonprofit organizations. This element is further described in the Franchise-like Branches section of the ECE whitepaper.

For more information read their whitepaper and/or checkout

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