A Blockchain-based Mobile Application Will Help Providers Engage with Their Patients

Pittsburgh, PA Mar 30, 2019 –  Healthereum LLC has created the patient mobile application called the “Healthereum Life Portfolio”, or HELIO, and the beta version is ready for use on Android and iOS devices. What is it? It is an application that allows patients to “Promise to Show” for an appointment, complete healthcare surveys after the visit, receive task messages from their doctors, and view their current diagnoses. With each action, digital utility tokens are given to the patients’ “wallet” to reward them for spending time on their health. All this using blockchain technology and solving inefficiencies in healthcare.

Appointment attendance is gamified, and the doctors can view ahead of time which patients are planning to show up. The simple act of seeing the doctor gives reward tokens but a no-show forfeits them. Thereafter, completing a questionnaire is incentivized. This addresses the current poor survey response rates and lack of an honest care team reputation score. “You can’t always trust reviews about a doctor,” says Dr. Michael Franks. “Anyone could have written it.” Yes, doctors do want real, honest feedback to improve care delivery. Patients will also be able to view their diagnoses and partake in medical billing. Lastly, doctors may send messages to their patients’ mobile devices pertaining to their diagnoses in an ongoing fashion. Now, patients will receive more messages from their health care team than from their last hotel visited!

Healthereum LLC has commenced a Security Token Offering for domestic and foreign investors, both accredited and nonaccredited, under Regulation CF of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The offering can be viewed at Healthereum.com.

Healthereum LLC is a health-tech startup company founded by doctors and software engineers to address real healthcare needs. Utilizing blockchain technology, a suite of applications is in various stages of development to provide solutions using a micro-level approach to patient health. For further information, please visit Healthereum.com.

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