BodyOne is the world’s first fitness ecological platform with block chain-based 4.0 and intelligent chip technology, which put forward to implement with fitness scene. “Earning Token on Fit Miner ,Cryptocurrency Mining with cycling” is the true core of the meaning BodyOne established. The users can ride PLAISIR CYCLE as Fit Miner to burn calories that are collected into the database of sharing community via intelligent contract, therefore the Token gained by sweat of the users can be store or trade by themselves. This process creates the new lifestyles, which make health into value transmission and value multiplication and builds a global fitness industry ecological platform. Now, the world’s first Fit Miner t served for Bodyone ecological platform has been developed and tested, which will be launched out to the market on a large scale.

Cryptocurrency Mining with cycling!Fit Miner being an intelligent block chain-based cycle implanted with BodyOne protocol and chip will provide incentives to users by their exercise data. It will distribute the Body Token generated by burning calorie to the whole platform through certain AI algorithm and the weight function, which will help the users to get into an exercise habit to keep fit as a new positive life style.

“Earning Token on Fit Miner” that will get your value doubled! BodyOne ecology consists of the users, the fitness equipment supplier, the fitness service supplier, the coaches,the doctors and other participators. The profit made by the platform ecology is used to award the participation of users and service suppliers according to the ratio. Token will be used as the incentive for their contribution and 80% of the profits made by the platform will be distributed to the platform users on each node in the way of “Earning Token on Fit Miner”. In this way, people will be attracted to help establish this ecological platform and form a new pattern for fitness industry.

Based on the underlying technology of InterValue block chain 4.0, the world’s first large-scaled technology, BodyOne tries to set up the ecological system for fitness industry.

Intervalue made an innovative design — a data mapping mechanism between data on the chain and data off the chain. Based on the new reinforced data structure of DAG and HashNet, as well as the double-layer consensus mechanism of HashNet and BA-VRF, InterValue brings in the senior Turing intelligent protocol triggered by external conditions; meanwhile, depending on Keccak512 algorithm, NTRUSign algorithm, ring signature, anonymous protection mechanism for zero-knowledge-proof transactions, BodyOne has several special performances like fast confirmation, resistant to quantum attack, anonymous communication between nodes, anonymous protection for transactions, senior intelligent protocol and data delivering to chain. What’s more, by a fair distribution mechanism, BodyOne has other functions available, like assets released by a third party, cross-chain communication and multi-chain integration etc.

Major technical innovations:

  1. For the underlying P2P network node communication, it well combines with advantages owned by Tor anonymous communication network, block chain-based distributed VPN, by which a unique anonymous P2P communication network was made. Such a design helped to access the nodes in a anonymous way, realize the encrypted communication protocol. In this way, anonymity of nodes existed in the underlying communication network is enhanced so that the communication among nodes will be much more difficult to be traced and decoded.
  2. For the underlying data structure, new data structure — reinforced DAG and HN, is used, by which a consensus verification for asynchronous concurrent events is realized. In this way, the system will be more extensible.
  3. For the distributed consensus mechanism, a double-layer consensus mechanism which is safe and high efficient is designed. Based on the DAG HashNet consensus and BA-VRF consensus, the distributed consensus mechanism will have a huge concurrent volume and easy to confirm. Therefore, an ecological system which can be used for different scenes can be established.
  4. For resistance to quantum attack, new anti-quantum attack code algorithm is used. That is ECDSA signature algorithm is replaced by NTRUsign algorithm, SHA algorithm is replaced by Keccak-512 Hash algorithm, by which threats resulted in by the rapid development and wide popularization of quantum computing will be greatly lowered.
  5. For anonymous transaction, combining with the features of encrypted virtual currencies like Monero and ZCash, as well as zero-knowledge proof and ring signature, it designs protection methods for anonymous transactions and privacy, which are more efficient and securer. Therefore, it can satisfy different demands of privacy protection at different scenes.
  6. For intelligent contract, declarative non-Turing smart contract and senior Turning smart contract for language Moses are supported. This is good for data visit and asset release by a third party. Therefore, it can be used by actual scenes in the form of public block chain, consortium block chain and private block chain.
  7. For cross-chain communication and multi-chain integration, the mode where cross-chain communication and multi-chain integration are existed are changed into a single-layer Overlay by the relay block chain technology. This can not only keep the cross-chain operation independent but also reuse the functions owned by InterValue basic block chain.
  8. For industrial application, different kinds of application are supported by developing JSON-RPC general interfaces (circulation payment, data delivery, data search and contract control etc).

Fig. 1 Key Property Design

The block chain 4.0-based InterValue depended by BodyOne, uses DAG HashNet data structure. HashNet is a kind of DAG, which is made of by directed edge consisting of countless climaxes and connect vertaxes. See Fig. 2.

Fig. 2 HashNet Data Structure

This figure records all the nodes existed in HashNet, about what kind of data is delivered by the node, what time the data is delivered and how the data is delivered. Actually, each node got a HashNet copy.

Fig. 3: Double-layer Gossip-based HashNet Consensus Organization

In HashNet, the nodes are divided into four categories — full node, local full node, light node and micro node. See Fig. 3.

Full node: responsible for maintaining the transaction data existed in HashNet, ensure that the transaction sequence occurred in the HashNet is the same.

Local full node: responsible for maintaining the sub-network transaction data, ensure that transaction sequence occurred in sub-network is the same.

Light node:wallet of light-weight clients. Light node can fulfill the data requirement and delivery by turning to the agent of local full node.

Micro node: the intelligent equipment of internet of things. Micro node can full fill the data requirement and delivery by turning to the agent of local full node.

By the Keccak 512 of SHA-3, an algorithm using the newest design ideology and philosophy owned by many hashing functions and cryptographic algorithm, InterValue can have a simple design and easy to realize the hardware. The algorithm was proposed by  Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michael Peters and Giles Van Assche in Oct. 2008. Keccak512 uses the standard sponge structure, the input bit at any length can be mapped into an output bit with fixed length. This algorithm can do the calculation very quickly, an average speed of 12.5 cycle per byte if Intel Core 2 processor.


Based on the underlying technology of InterValue block chain 4.0 that is the world’s first million-scaled TPS chain, BodyOne launched out the intelligent chip for fitness equipment such as Fit Miner where BoP protocol is built in. The chip contributes to output the node value by the protocol, which transfers the value of intelligent terminals of protocol by consensus mechanism. The core function includes node authentication, node asset management, service measurement and distribution control and service etc.; and makes the basic design with a special safe chip,which can provide better security for performance and power consumption. Therefore, the chip greatly enhances the reliability and guarantee of shared network.



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