Monday, March 18, 2019

Andrew Rossow, Esq.

I am a criminal defense/internet attorney, writer and law professor in Dayton, Ohio. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a millennial, I’m able to provide a unique perspective on social media crimes that occur on social media platforms, as well as advocating for the growth of new technologies and digital monies, while balancing the privacy risks associated with buying into such areas, as it affects its users, specifically young children, millennials, adults and businesses. I studied on Semester At Sea in 2011, traveling to 12 countries, including Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, India, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, studying how technology affects children and young teens in these countries in comparison to the U.S. I also work as a consultant for ABC, FOX and NBC across Dallas and Ohio on the latest news in the technology law realm. For more information, follow my #CYBERBYTE series.

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CPI Technologies Presents Turnkey Blockchain Solutions, for Secure, Scalable Software Development

March 14th, 2019, Mainz, Germany – Blockchain Software Development and Marketing company CPI Technologies provides the development, deployment, and maintenance of finance and blockchain systems. The German-based...

Quantum Resistant Blockchain-Based IlCoin to Begin Trading on Bit-Z

Fresh off the heels of resuming trading on several exchanges, IlCoin has reached an agreement to list ILCoin on the Hong Kong-based Bit-Z cryptocurrency exchange.... logo

How to Earn Free Crypto Tokens With Airdrops

What is Airdroprating? Are Bounty Tokens or Airdrops emails flooding their inbox leaving you confused? Are you spending a multitude of hours digging information that...

Crypto Daily Participates in Run for Light 2019

Run for Light is an annual event held in Singapore since 2014, featuring a series of sponsored 1km, 5km and 10km races. Participants pay...

The First Crypto Physical Backed ETF Will Not Be BTC, but Aidos Kuneen (ADK)

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is founded by Ricardo Badoer, a man who owns shares in banks and is a member of the Bank Board in...

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Claim the Iron Tron 1.0

Game of Thrones returns in 2019 with its 8th and final season to the delight of its impatient fans. HBO announced that the concluding...
merito crypto

Merito Releases New Simple Ethereum Mining Software

With Monday’s official launch of the Merito Crypto client, gamers can now earn Ethereum with their gaming PC’s powerful graphics cards. Founded in early 2017 by...
skycoin mainnet

Skycoin Announces Public Release of Skywire Mainnet

March 13th, 2018, Shanghai – Work on Skycoin began in 2011 with the merging of three separate projects that aimed to improve upon the design and implementation of...
rabobank nexuslab partnership

BKCoin Capital Announces Partnership With XTRD

NEW YORK, NY — March 12th, 2019 — BKCoin Capital, LP (“BKCoin Capital”)  is pleased to announce its intention to leverage the infrastructure and...

Globitex launches Euro Wallet – one step closer to bridging Cryptocurrency and Banking

Globitex has announced the launch of its revolutionary fintech product the EURO Wallet – Crypto Banking Solution with Instant Transfers! The service is powered...