The Bitbon System is a large-scale infrastructure project of Simcord Company, which represents a conceptually new decentralized Blockchain platform for managing digital Assets.

Simcord has been operating in the world of high technologies for over 18 years. During this time, the Company has achieved significant success in the field of development of digital technologies for managing finances and property rights to Assets. Simcord holding conducts its activity at the international level and is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

On June 17, 2018, public crowdsale has started according to the stages of the Bitbon System development described in the White Paper. The Company has also announced the results of the pre-sale and internal crowdsale stages, during which it managed to raise more than 50 million USD.

The Simcord team believes that the global economy is undergoing a large-scale transformation, and its complete transition to the decentralized Blockchain management is expected shortly. This way, a new digital economy will be built.

Analysis shows that, over the last 5 years, capitalization of the crypto investment field has increased by 20,000% (300 billion USD), and the value of the global stock market and derivatives markets equals more than 600 trillion USD. The percentage of these sectors can be visualized in the following diagram:

It is clear that the development potential of both the crypto industry and Blockchain as its foundation is huge — more than 200,000%.

Capitalization of the crypto investment field accounts for just 0.05% of global economy.

99.95% from this enormous volume of Assets is still awaiting integration into the new digital economy whose foundation will undoubtedly be Blockchain platforms.

The financial crypto instrument Bitbon is backed by real Assets. The mechanism of its backing is implemented in the Bitbon System by means of Contributing, which is an innovative type of activity, and by means of automatic participation of the Bitbon Capitalization Fund in the Contributing process.

Contributing opens up fundamentally new opportunities in the field of investment and fundraising, whereby each Participant is verified, and business projects are checked and audited in advance by the Bitup-Agency.

An important thing is that any activity in the Bitbon System is absolutely legal, and the Blockchain technology guarantees complete transparency and security.

Furthermore, conditions in the Bitbon System are optimal for generating cyclical supply and demand for Bitbon, which ensures a steady and predictable growth of its price.

During the pre-sale and crowdsale stages, the Bitbon price is determined by the formula described in the White Paper. At the moment, the value of 1 Bitbon equals 6 USD.

Based on the data on capitalization of the global stock market and derivatives markets, the Bitbon price can potentially increase by 12,000% over the next 5 years and exceed 700 USD for 1 Bitbon.

Simcord explains such a rapid growth of the Bitbon value by direct interaction of the Bitbon System with the real sector of economy in the process of Contributing, which is outlined in the Company’s strategy and fully described in the White Paper.

Being confident in the real prospects of the Bitbon System, as part of the public crowdsale final stage, which will last until October 10, 2018, the Company has decided to publish the Option Agreement — Offer to implement the Promotional Offer “Golden Price”.

Basically, by this Agreement the Company creates conditions under which it can repurchase a Customer’s Bitbons at the price of 100 USD for 1 Bitbon. Therefore, a Customer’s guaranteed minimum profit will constitute:

  • ≈ 1.3% per one business day;


  • 320% annually;


  • 1,600% upon termination of the Option Agreement — on October 11, 2023.

In addition, under conditions of the Promotional Offer “Golden Price”, the Company provides the Customer who has purchased Bitbons with an option premium in the amount of 3% from the Bitbon amount he/she has purchased.

Start of public crowdsale: June 17, 2018.

End of public crowdsale: October 10, 2018.

To purchase Bitbon on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets, follow the link.

Payment methods: Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfer and electronic payment systems.

Bitbon issued: 70,000,000

Soft Cap: 50,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 400,000,000 USD

Bitbon System Road Map:

Bitbon System White Paper —

Bitbon System Public Contract —

Official Information Resources:


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