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Bitcoin VPN Service Review – PureVPN

2013 Has been an outstanding year for VPN providers all over the world, as most of the prominent companies started accepting Bitcoin at that time. PureVPN is one of those providers, and the company has gotten some stellar reviews over the past few years. Let’s take a look at what PureVPN offers, and if it is worth your hard earned cryptocurrency.

PureVPN Serves Over 1 Million Customers

Most VPN providers do not boast about the number of satisfied users they have, even though it is a great marketing tool. PureVPN doesn’t mind telling the world their community has over 1 million users, which is quite a significant number. A lot of people use VPN services to access restricted content or ensure their browsing experience remains private.

Speaking of private connectivity, PureVPN offers full encryption for its VPN service, regardless of which device it is used on. This feature extends to computers, tablets, and even messaging apps we use on a smartphone. PureVPN works well with Android and iOS, and both Windows and Mac users will have no issues setting up the connection.

As we have seen with other VPN service providers in the past, PureVPN doesn’t want to restrict users in how they consume content online. Streaming services, browsing experiences, gaming, and all other protocols one can think of are actively supported by the protocol. Ensuring users have the fastest streaming speeds at all times is of the utmost importance, and PureVPN is praised for their efforts in this regard.

[UPDATE: Users may experience slight delays when using Netflix, both all other streaming services work fine. PureVPN Added separate tabs for each use case in their app, allowing users to easily switch between streaming services. 

Company servers are located across 180 locations in 141 countries. PureVPN customers have over 500 VPN servers to choose from. In fact, there is no continent where PureVPN is not active right now, which goes to show the company continues its international expansion whenever possible. The company also offers one of the widest selections of African VPN servers, which is a nice bonus.

Companies such as PureVPN need to provide an excellent service at all times. With a strong focus on multiple logins per account, unlimited data transfer, and even split tunnelling support, PureVPN is one of the market leaders. Plus, the software compatibility with over 20 different device types makes PureVPN one solution to keep an eye on.

Albeit a lot of reviews for PureVPN are positive, the service is not without its issues. Streaming services may be difficult to access at times, which makes this service somewhat useless for a particular group of users. Some users reported DNS and WebRTC leaks, which can allow the ISP to see what the user is doing. Moreover, it is unclear if the company keeps session logs. If those things are of no concern to you, then signing up for PureVPN is a no-brainer.

[UPDATE]: PureVPN reached out to us to confirm all leaks – assuming there were any in the first place – are gone. The service has been vetted by top security enthusiasts and no issues were reported.

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