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Bitcoin VPN Service Review – TorGuard

TorGuard is one of the world’s leading VPN providers, and for a good reason. The company offers intuitive software, plans at affordable prices, and servers found in most countries around the world. Moreover, the company focuses on anonymous email and even has a privacy bundle to check out. Plus, they accept Bitcoin, which is a major plus.

TorGuard Has Everything You Need

It is evident TorGuard wants to position itself as far more than just another VPN provider accepting Bitcoin Even though the company has a great VPN plan – with no speed or bandwidth limitations – their services include proxies, anonymous email, and a bundle combining the best of all three. Moreover, all of these products come at affordable prices.

The VPN service provided by Torguard is top notch. There is no speed issue whatsoever, and the company allows users to use any internet protocol they like. Online gaming, video streaming, torrents, FTP connections, and everything else one can imagine will work just fine over the VPN connection. In fact, there was no lag when we tested the online gaming capabilities, which was quite surprising.

What makes Torguard so appealing is how they run over 1,600 servers across 50 countries. Clients can have five simultaneous connections at any given time, without noticing any delays or running into bandwidth issues Port forward is also possible and should be no problem whatsoever. Plus, TorGuard’s solutions work across all devices and operating systems.

On the security front, TorGuard checks all of the right boxes as well. The company prides itself on actively blocking advertisements and malware, without the user having to set up anything themselves. Additionally, the company blocks all IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, ensuring users can enjoy full privacy and anonymity at any given time.

One thing worth noting is how TorGuard offers custom-built routers as well. Instead of setting up the VPN software on a computer or mobile device, these routers run Torguard natively. Different models are available, including some top-of-the-line routers. Users who purchase the hardware will receive a 30-day free VPN subscription as a bonus.

All things considered, Torguard is one of the best VPN service providers out there. The fact they accept Bitcoin is another major selling point in our book. There are no complaints whatsoever, and we are utterly pleased with the service provided. More importantly, the company keeps no user log, and they have no intention of changing that policy.

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