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BitPay Wallet Review

In the world of mobile and desktop Bitcoin wallet applications, there are quite a few different options to choose from. BitPay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, has launched their own wallet client in October of 2016. This wallet is built on top of the Copay platform and is cross-platform compatible. Now is a good time to look at how this solution performs.

The BitPay Wallet For Mobile and Desktop

It is good to see more companies release a Bitcoin wallet which works across multiple platforms and operating system. The BitPay Bitcoin wallet can be used for both desktop and mobile and is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This wallet solution was first released back in October 2016 and is built on top of the Copay platform. Bitcoin users will have used the Copay ecosystem before, which allows for a better overall integration of wallet solutions.

A lot of people were surprised to learn BitPay released a new wallet client after all. It is a convenient way to buy, convert, and spend Bitcoin, which means it provides more functionality than Copay ever did. Having an option to buy Bitcoin through the Glidera platform directly from the wallet is quite convenient. This integration appears to work well, and it avoids storing Bitcoin in exchange wallets. From a security point of view, not having to use exchange wallets makes a lot of sense.

Moreover, the BitPay wallet app allows users to manage their BitPay Visa debit card as well. By navigating through the menus, it becomes easy to load the balance again – at 0% fee when using Bitcoin – directly from the app itself. Adding this feature to this mobile and desktop app makes a lot of sense, as it makes things a lot more convenient for both novice and experienced users. Although we live in the “app era,” consolidating a lot of features into one proper piece of software is still a preferred approach.

Another convenient feature is how you can store Bitcoin across multiple wallets, including multisignature types. Multi-device authentication can be set up as well to take wallet security to the next level. In the most extreme scenario, making a payment requires authorization from six different devices. That may seem a bit paranoid to some people, but it is good to see such a feature enabled regardless.

From our brief experiences with the BitPay Wallet app, it seems to do the job just fine. All features work as advertised, albeit we didn’t purchase any Bitcoin through the app itself. There were no glitches, and the strong focus on wallet security is definitely a bonus in our book. Design-wise, the color scheme may not be the most appealing to everyone, but all of the information is presented in a clean manner, which is more important to us.

In the end, the Bitcoin wallet app does exactly what it is supposed to. It is hard to fault this solution, even though your mileage may vary when it comes to purchasing or selling Bitcoin via the Glidera integration. We thoroughly enjoy the option to buy gift cards directly from the wallet as well. It is a great wallet solution, and a product well worth checking out.

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