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Singapore, September 18, 2018 — Boomstarter.Network, a blockchain-based service for helping entrepreneurs sell with cryptocurrencies, launches a global contest for startups.

The fintech company will award the winner an equivalent of $10,000 to spend on packages of value-added services on the platform.

Boomstarter.Network is disrupting the ever-growing market of rewards-based crowdfunding. It welcomes startups from any country of the world and will directly connect them with backers to generate pre-orders for their products. Based on Ethereum network with smart contracts and payments in cryptocurrencies, it will allow to make funding available to entrepreneurs across the globe removing unnecessary intermediaries like banks and other payment providers.

In contrast, the existing largest crowdfunding services treat entrepreneurs in an discriminating manner, only allowing startups from a handful of industrialized countries to launch their campaigns. Boomstarter.Network will will help entrepreneurs sell pre-orders wherever they hail from.

The world’s most prominent crowdfunding platforms now heavily rely on banks and payment systems. Notably, these financial agents are the primary reason why startups spend long weeks waiting to receive the money for pre-orders they have sold. With Boomstarter.Network, entrepreneurs will receive the funds in a matter of minutes, with more time to devote to product development.

To help startups build communities, Boomstarter.Network provides project backers with a safe and easy tool for generating cryptocurrencies using their personal computers. They will be able to keep part of the digital currencies they have created and also use them to support their favourite startups on the platform.

Startups can apply at The winner will be identified based on the number of social shares that the startup’s profile gets on the contest website.

The contest will run until October 19, 2018 when the winning startup will be announced.

About Boomstarter.Network

Boomstarter.Network’s prototype was launched in 2012 as a classical crowdfunding platform enabling startups to sell pre-orders for innovative products at early stages of development. This allows buyers to get big discounts and become early adopters of cutting-edge goods and services. The platform has become the largest crowdfunding service in Eastern Europe in terms of the number of participating technology startups. It has helped thousands of companies to successfully sell pre-orders to implement new services, products and services.

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