TheMerkle QVolta Peer-to-peer Trading

What Is QVolta?

TheMerkle eBTC ERC20 Clone

What Is eBTC?

TheMerkle KUCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

What Is KuCoin?

TheMerkle AragonOS Smart Contracts

What Is AragonOS?

TheMerkle Dether Ethereum

What Is Dether?

THeMerkle ChainLink Smart Contract Oracles

What Is ChainLink?

TheMerkle Swapper IRS

What Is Swapper?

TheMerkle LocalEthereum

What Is LocalEthereum?

TheMerkle EthereumDARK Altcoin Clone

What Is EthereumDARK?

TheMerkle SmartBridge Exchange Value

What Is SmartBridge?

THeMerkle GeoCrypto Monero Marketplace

What Is GeoCrypto?

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Finally a trading bot that anyone can use

Trading needs to be objective to make money. When we fall in love with our holdings, it is when we start losing money. Buying...

#MetaHash – A Self-Sustaining Network Capable of Processing 5 Billion Transactions per Day

At this moment in time, the cryptocurrency industry is dealing with a few issues, including partial centralization, slow transaction speeds and high fees. #MetaHash...

Glitzkoin Diamond Blockchain And Crypto Currency, Beyond The Ordinary

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Buying goods and services with cryptocurrency can be cheaper

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Rivetz Acquires DISC Holdings

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Musicians have always been ripped off – here’s how to fix it

The music industry’s business model has always been broken. For over 100 years artists have been paid a fraction of the earnings their music...

OSA DC Partners With Dalong Pay to Accept Fiat Payments

OSA DC has penned a partnership with DalongPay, a payment platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional currencies. Founded in December 2016...

NordCoin announces ICO to manufacture and lease mining space in 30 Mobile Mining Containers

NordCoin, a mobile cryptocurrency mining solution, officially announced today an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise funds for an additional 28 - 30 Mobile...

Arbitao is a fully automated solution for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency markets

Arbitao is a fully automated solution for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency markets aimed at overcoming the age-old problems associated with conventional arbitrage trading methods,...

Everybody Can Take Advantage of the World Cup with 1xBit

You don’t need to be a professional bettor to make easy money on the World Cup matches with this promotion from 1xBit! The 2018 FIFA...