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Changetip & LoveStamp Bring Bitcoin To The Everyday Consumer

Ever since ChangeTip entered the market of combining the Bitcoin technology and rewarding users and content alike, the world has not been the same. Not only can you tip content creators with Bitcoin across all major platforms – including Twitch, Disqus, Slack, and Twitter – but you can also show your love in physical and fun way.

LoveStamp – Physical Love Between Retailer & Consumer

Everyone has heard of ChangeTip’s slogan, as the company sees itself as “a love button for the Internet”. And rightfully so, as there has never been an easier way to reward content creators and even other like-minded people than with the ChangeTip tipping service. The fact they work with Bitcoin transactions only makes it better.

And what better way to show your love than with a 3D-printed stamp? But not just any heart-shaped stamp either, but one that rewards you with small fractions of Bitcoin? LoveStamp is the platform behind this idea of a physical “Love Stamp”, and by partnering with ChangeTip, retailers can now show their appreciation to their customers in a physical way.

However, it also brings forth the digital aspect, as users are rewarded in Bitcoin once this “Love Stamp” is applied to the screen of any device running the LoveStamp application. One of the best aspects of this idea is the fact that all Bitcoin rewards are completely random, adding that element of surprise for both the retailer and the customer.

But there is more! When you receive love from a participating LoveStamp retailer, both the name of the retailer and your name [as a customer]will be shared on the company’s social media page. And because of the integration with ChangeTip, there are multiple ways for your customers to spend their bits and pieces of a Bitcoin.

The 3D-Printed Love Stamp

One of the “negative” aspects associated with anything that is related to Bitcoin is that there is always a technical hurdle to overcome. This is not the case with LoveStamp, as they have deliberately kept the 3D-printed “Love Stamp” simple and elegant in its design and usage. It doesn’t even require a connection to the internet, infrared or NFC [Near Field Communication].

As you would come to expect from such a professional company, every 3D-printed “Love Stamp” is unique. All it requires the participating retailer to do is stamp the customer’s “Stamp The Screen” part of the mobile application running on their phone. Once you have done that, LoveStamp will take care of the rest.

Solving The Loyalty Card Issue

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts feel that retailers who accept bitcoin payments should reward the customers paying in digital currency in one way or another. But the more traditional reward schemes – such as loyalty cards, coupons or anything else – are hardly applicable to Bitcoin payments. A “Love Stamp” could be just what we need to make Bitcoin customers feel appreciated.

On the other side of the medallion, the “Love Stamp” will also help with bringing Bitcoin to the mainstream audience. People who own a smartphone will [usually]gladly install any application from the brand or store they shop at on a frequent basis. With the implementation of the “Love Stamp”, these customers will be rewarded in Bitcoin, which puts our beloved digital currency in the hands of more people than ever before.


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