The cryptocurrency sphere is extremely unpredictable and requires investors to have a thorough knowledge of its volatility. People who lack the experience and knowledge of the ecosystem often make hasty decisions and end up losing a lot of money.

To be a successful investor in the cryptocurrency domain, one needs to have the time, patience and expertise to analyse and make the right decision.

Presenting a Resourceful Solution

CoTrader is a project by Tel-Aviv that works on a transformational concept to make the cryptocurrency landscape more approachable to the common masses.

It’s “The Uber of Investment Funds”, where anyone can create or join a crypto fund. It’s the world’s first working blockchain investment funds marketplace, where investors called cotraders can invest with the best fund managers, called traders. It is the first-ever decentralized and trustless platform that allows users to invest and manage their fund onchain. The investors deposit their money in smart funds, which are managed by the experienced fund managers who trade on their behalf. In return, fund managers avail a certain predetermined percentage of the profit they make for the investors. While the fund managers are the ones who handle smart funds, investors still control their deposited assets.

The platform is already live on the Ethereum and mainnet at

An Investment that is Backed by the Knowledge of Experts

For a smart investment, it is important to have both, money and a strong knowledge base. Some people may have the money to invest, but they lack the expertise that can help them earn better. Some, on the other hand, have a powerful knowledge base in the cryptocurrency domain, but lack the required funds to participate in trading activities.

CoTrader is a unified platform that provides equal opportunities to the investors as well as experts in combining their capital and knowledge base to earn substantial returns.

Powerful Smart Funds

Smart funds is the fundamental aspect of the CoTrader platform. It is an Ethereum smart contract that connects investors with fund managers, and provides them shares to trade in. Investors upon adding money into the smart funds are accorded with shares that represent their overall fund ownership. The fund managers then trade with the acquired shares on the platform and reap profits. Successful fund managers are rewarded with a predetermined performance fee for the profit they make for their respective investors. In the entire process, the asset control remains with the investors, and they have the right to withdraw their funds at any given point.  

Tokenized Assets to Trade on Leading Decentralized Exchanges

CoTrader has a flexible module that allows investors to trade in a variety of assets including cryptos, shares, derivatives, etc. The assets are further tokenized into ERC20 tokens (CoTrader tokens) and Ethereum. The tokens are exchanged by fund managers on DEX that is reinforced by smart contracts.  

Smart Shares DEX

With more and more features being added to smart funds, this effective financial tool has become complex, making it difficult to invest in specific funds. This might be due to the nature of ICO funds, deposit caps, minimum deposits, etc.

To provide an effective solution, CoTrader is introducing a smart shares DEX, wherein, any smart share can be traded against CoTrader tokens. It is built on the network’s smart fund platform, providing users valuable insights to the available fund data that they might be interested to invest in.

A Decentralized and Trustless Investing Platform

With this mutually beneficial approach, CoTrader has democratized funds and created more possibilities for investors to earn substantial returns with the assistance of experts, simply by offering a platform that connects these two contingents.

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