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CryptoPing Plans to Launch a Social Trading Platform and a Deep Learning Powered Bot in 2018

Successful Completion of the 2017 Roadmap

After 10 months of existence, CryptoPing is now frequently used by more than 80,000 traders worldwide who receive signals on crypto assets via a Telegram bot.

The bot has processed over 320,000,000 trading events and generated more than 21,000 signals about crypto assets that were getting unusual amount of market action.

Right after its token sale, CryptoPing has successfully launched its token-based subscription service as promised, and has included 5 exchanges into its signal generation process. The next in the list of exchanges to be added are Bitfinex, Binance, Tidex.

Several features have been rolled out in parallel to improve user experience. On top of Telegram, signals are now also available on Slack and Discord servers, and users can now export their history of signals and filter them by percentage of price or volume increase.

The team behind the bot has been working hard to implement the first roadmap steps, and has successfully managed to do so, at the exception of social network monitoring. This feature is undergoing final rounds of internal testing and will be released in the beginning of 2018.

In the upcoming months, CryptoPing will shift towards improving its signal generating algorithm and creating new features for subscribed users.

The First Social Trading Platform to be Launched in 2018

Social trading is the process through which traders rely on user-generated financial content to make investment decisions.

CryptoPing will launch a social platform on which users can become public traders and either rebroadcast bot signals to their followers with their comments, or send their own signals for any assets on the supported exchanges.

Public traders will be able to set custom subscription fees for their signals. Based on their performance, these traders will be automatically ranked so that users can find the profiles that best match their trading style.

Towards a Deep Learning Powered Bot

Deep learning is a huge opportunity for trading, and has become the most successful strategy in the prediction of market movements. The new wave of deep neural networks has drastically changed our ability to model social science scenarios like finance.

In 2018, the algorithms powering the CryptoPing bot will substantially move from predefined heuristics to a neural network, designed and trained to analyze market data and social signals together.

This will transform the platform’s trading bot into a smarter and more adaptable one, and push its performance to higher levels. Since the number of available cryptocurrencies and market developments are expected to keep rising, the move to deep learning is an inevitable one to keep making profitable trades.

You can sign up and give CryptoPing a try right now. From December 20, 2017 to March 20, 2018, if you have 100 PING on your account, you can activate subscription for a period of 30 days for free.

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