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Earn up to 10% Cashback Bonus Every Week At Bitcoin Casino has become the preferred bitcoin gambling site for many crypto enthusiasts. The new cashback reward that they currently offer is up to ten percent in cashback bonus every week.

There are a few different cryptocurrency types that are accepted in the casino. Namely, these are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin. They all have certain limitations for how much you may deposit at one time, but the limits are pretty generous. For example, with Bitcoin, a player may transact between 0.0003 and 5 Bitcoins. That is the best way for a new player to get into the game or a high-roller to keep on playing.

There are no fees when it comes to deposits or withdrawals on any of those types of currencies. That is also a step up in comparison to other bitcoin casinos.

It is not as though this casino only offers a few games. There are actually plenty of games, including just about anything that you could find in a traditional casino. This includes Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Craps, etc. Each game is just as you might expect to see it in a real casino as well. In fact, there are even live casino games where you can play along with a real dealer at a physical location somewhere else. When you play like that, you are basically involved in a real-life game through your computer screen.

Each week no matter if you win or lose it is possible to claim your ten percent deposit bonus. This is just a little something to keep your account flush and keep you able to continue playing the games that you know and love.

Given the rising rates of Bitcoin in recent days, there is always the possibility that your bonus could be worth more when you withdrawal it than it was when it was deposited into your account, even if you don’t win any gambles along the way. That too adds an element of excitement and intrigue.

When you consider all of these advantages, it is quite obvious that is the type of place to play at. They are always above board with their players, and throwing in some bonuses like this from time to time never hurt anyone. It is always a joy to play with a casino that you know really wants you as a customer.

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