Setting the mood for tokenized securities, Mobu establishes a platform that allows firms and companies to launch digital securities on the blockchain, while giving investors the choice to finally back compliant digital tokens

July 31th, 2018: As a technology that has turned the financial markets upside down with its innovative and groundbreaking design, blockchain-powered tokens have faced legal issues that have forced launching platforms to create digital assets that are utility tokens.

Security Tokens and Their Legality

As a multi-trillion dollar market, securities are largely ignored on the blockchain. With blockchain, digital securities crossed physical borders and touched multiple legal jurisdictions, leading to a serious confusion on what laws and regulations to follow by the developers. Digital securities are cheaper to float, trade and are cost effective in generating than traditional ones.

Yet, when looking at the data of digital securities on the blockchain, of the 86 tokens launched in first term of 2018, just two were securities. Considering that these tokens were able to raise an astounding $400,000,000, the need of a firm plan for launching securities is the need of the hour.

Mobu: Solving the Blockchain Securities Problem

As a platform for launching security tokens, Mobu offers cryptocurrency developers the expertise to handle different laws and regulations so that their tokens are compliant. Freeing firms from the headache of legality, the platform also gives:

  • Direct access to verified (KYC/AML) investors and compliant security token firms.
  • Limits securities to be traded between approved investors through smart contracts covering due diligence and authorised compliance centers.
  • Gives investors the confidence on asset liquidation by allowing to exit the fundraising if security issuer does not adhere to agreed timeline.
  • Agreement with different banks so crypto to fiat transactions are not blocked.
  • Voting rights and dividends to investors.
  • Overall efficiency due to adoption of blockchain.

The Team That Powers it All

The Mobu team is a multi professional and talented assemble of people who have a vast and extensive experience not only in blockchain, but the financial world too.

  • Leading the pack is their CEO, Juan Engelbrecht. Trading in equities for major stockbrokers in South Africa and then later directly on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, his respectable Cost Accounting Management degree has been put in good use. As an early supporter of blockchain and cryptos, his love for the decentralized technology has helped him bring the two different worlds together.
  • A double commerce degree and a qualified chartered accountant, Paul Pelser is the perfect man to be the CFO of Mobu. Experienced auditor, he has worked with the largest local industrial manufacturer in South Africa.
  • Other notable members include Frikkie van Biljon, a computer programming wizard and legal advisors Petri van Zyl and Izak Viljoen.

The Mobu platform offers a professional atmosphere that not only gives tokenized security offering firms the ease of floating digital assets, but also gives investors confidence that their investments are protected by the same laws applied on traditional ones.

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