In 2017 alone, games market’s revenues reached $109 billion in total. Global revenues grew by 56% in the past five years. Until now this market was fuelled by outdated Pay-to-Win and Loot Box monetization model which can be shattered by blockchain based token economy.

Traditional game publishers and developers make money by selling in-game assets to the players. On many occasions those assets are sold hidden in Loot Boxes and booster packs, so players don’t know what exact items they are buying. It’s a game of chance with real money involved. When a player needs a specific item she will be forced to waist money over and over again until the luck will smile.

This monetization model asks for many items which have only one purpose – to fill up the Loot Box. Naturally, when unreasonable amounts of assets are sold, their value decreases. That’s why most in-game items are doomed to be worthless. Situation is even worse than it seems. After spending their money players still don’t become real owners of their in-game assets. Game corporations sell licences to those items and they remain the real legal owners after the sell.

Those exploitative tactics provokes growing resentment amongst players and attract an unforgiving eye of legislators around the globe. They are compared to gambling and gets the same harsh treatment from legislators. Asia, Europe Union, USA, everywhere Loot Boxes and Pay-to-Win model nearing its end.

Blockchain Based Approach To Game Monetization

Merge: Eternal Battleground, a video game aiming for the eSports market uses blockchain to solve all mentioned problems. Traditional Trading Card Game developers (e.g. Hearthstone) make business on selling licences of cards to the players. NOT FOR PUSSIES rejected card selling idea completely. Their players will acquire Resource Cards by playing and will use them to create unique Character Cards. All the Cards will be stored on blockchain and players will have a complete ownership of all their in-game assets.

With ownership comes an ability to trade. Merge: Eternal Battleground are creating a token based free market with the right tools for all in-game trade. By not selling Cards game developer doesn’t set their price and in a way gives this power to player community. Monetization comes from supporting market and its tools.

When the game launches, all players will have equal opportunities to acquire Resource Cards to craft Character Cards only by playing the game. The more they play, the more Experience Points they get, the more Resource Cards they acquire to Combine different Character Cards… and the more the value of their Characters grows.

At last, a game on blockchain which has a sustainable business model and innovative game mechanics. A game that can become a next big thing in video game market.  

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