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Five Low, Micro, and Zero Market Cap Projects to Keep an Eye on

With over a thousand cryptocurrencies currently in some form of circulation, it’s difficult to pick out the promising projects from the mountains of garbage. While those coins with the highest market capitalizations bring revolutionary technology and developments to the table, there are also a number of much smaller, lesser known projects with ambitious goals and exciting futures. Here are five coins and tokens that may have slipped under your radar:


HTMLCoin currently has a market cap of US$4,673,185, putting it at #385 on CoinMarketCap. HTMLCoin is currently undergoing a swap from the old HTML5 token to the new HTML token. This new token has greater compatibility with existing cryptocurrency infrastructure and allows developers more access to smart contracts and other development tools. HTMLCoin utilizes a dual-blockchain combination of the Bitcoin Core and Ethereum blockchains. This allows Ethereum virtual machines to run on the far safer Bitcoin blockchain. HTML also has a layer of compatibility with QTUM on top of the ETH blockchain.

HTML is currently trading at between just 1 and 2 sats, with a DOGE market equivalent of about 1.4 sats. Prior to the token swap, prices reached a high of 5 satoshi. However, Yobit was somewhat unresponsive with the token swap, and is now just beginning to swap to the new token. A lot of investors lost confidence in the swap due to Yobit’s initial lack of response, which is a major reason why the price is where it currently sits.


RAREPEPEPRTY is currently in the pre-alpha stage. Just over 30,000 of up to 80,000 shares have been sold, and with a current price of 1.5 XCP, its market cap is hovering around US$1,000,000. These shares act as rare pepes built on the PepeCash XCP asset (whose market cap is US$25,000,000) and represent stakes in a startup creating a Hearthstone-like trading card game that incorporates all 1,500 rare pepes. Alpha testing will take place soon, at which point the rest of the shares will be put up for sale. Any shares left unsold after that period will be burned.

Upon the launch of this game, RAREPEPEPRTY will earn dividends for its holders, as profits from the game (primarily through the sale of booster packs) will be shared with investors. While this may seem like a silly concept, both this project and PepeCash have a very dedicated community behind them, and there will be significant activity surrounding the game once it launches.


ChanCoin has a market cap of just US$193,108, sitting at #650 on CoinMarketCap. This low valuation is primarily due to the rocky start experienced by this coin. The first developer of the coin conned the 4Chan community into investing and dumped huge amounts onto unlucky supporters. However, this developer is long removed from the operation, and hopefuls in the community have stepped up to build the coin. Development is currently headed by a supporter named Gossamer.

The community is very active on Discord, and they seek to perfect this project’s structure before marketing it to /biz/ (one of the largest altcoin communities) as a tipping feature for forums, as there is currently no official tipping method on 4chan forums. The idea is that members of /biz/ (and later, all 4chan communities) will set their anonymous tags to their 4CHN addresses. Beyond that, developers are working towards implementing steganographic technology to credit original content providers on 4chan.


PlayerCoin sits at #967 with a minuscule market cap of US$28,391. At 7 satoshi, this coin is trading at less than 3% of its ICO price. The coin was handled very poorly, which led to its sharp fall to where it currently sits. On top of that, the main developer has been inactive for over a month.

With that being said, the concept behind the coin works, and it’s very interesting. PlayerCoin operates on a Proof of Play (PoP) system, where “miners” are paid out daily based on how successful they are playing linked games. Currently, the only working game is Flying Tap, which is a knockoff of Flappy Bird. However, the code is open and if some developer were to come along and integrate another game into the PoP system, the coin could certainly do a 180 and see some amount of actual use.


Liquidaeon is currently in pre-launch. When it does launch, it plans to do so with a market cap of zero. It will be able to do so by utilizing a distribution method which has not been seen before. Liquidaeon is going to distribute its coins through a Proof of Confidence system. Supporters of the project will lock up their existing Ethereum in a smart contract. Rather than selling coins through an ICO sale, the coins will be distributed among addresses who freeze their Ethereum throughout the duration of the launch period. If they lose confidence in the project, they can unfreeze their ETH at any point.

According to its road map, Liquidaeon seeks to implement a number of smart contracts, including contracts for crowdfunding, inheriting, and lending. With no financial gain from the distribution, there is higher incentive for the team to work towards these goals.

Zane Huffman

Zane is a crypto enthusiast who has been involved since August 2013. He is a trader and writer of all things cryptocurrency. He is very excited for the role cryptocurrency will play in the future, especially in regards to the videogaming industry.

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