Last two weeks have been very eventful for Gabrotech, a startup creating an entirely new ecosystem for Loyalty Rewards. While they have successfully filed a patent for their blockchain based solution to facilitate loyalty rewards management, their reputation and credibility has attracted a new partner in is a dedicated platform for better, faster and smarter cryptocurrency trading. This partnership is more like an affiliation between and Gabrotech where both Gabrotech and stand to benefit equally, through a series of arrangements :

Whitelist Campaign : community will benefit from an additional discount of 10% offered by Gabrotech. Members will have to purchase GBO tokens from the affiliate link once the ICO opens on 31st July.  

Seed and venture Funding :

An investment of 2 million USD in Gabrotech has been made through a partner venture fund of . Gabrotech targets to achieve a significant market share in an industry estimated to be as big as 500 Billion USD.

Airdrops :

In the near future, TIO holders will be able to benefit from an upcoming airdrop of GBO tokens.

Also, Gabrotech has filed for a patent for its unique solution, which has created more trust and credibility amongst investors a week ahead of the ICO. In its unique solution, Gabrotech proposes a platform where users can avail benefits from multiple loyalty programs. This will also benefit the companies offering loyalty programs as they will now be able to achieve their business goals through success of their loyalty programs, as Gabrotech 2.0 further expands throughout the world. Use of blockchain will make the entire process of facilitating loyalty rewards transparent and secured. The team at Gabro is a right mix of experienced and young professionals with expertise in Blockchain, Loyalty rewards and business ventures.

Both these milestones are great achievements for team Gabrotech, 1 week before the ICO begins. Come 31st July, cryptocurrency investors will start making key decisions, which will decide the future of this company.  

You can join the Gabrotech whitelist here :

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