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Healthbank, the health data hub built for the 21st century, officially announced today an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to finance the further development of the healthbank ecosystem.

Healthbank, based in Switzerland, was founded in 2013 by a team of 28 academics, entrepreneurs, and healthcare experts with the goal of giving back control over the asset class of personal health data to the rightful owners, the people. In fact, healthbank empowers people across the globe to exchange their health data on a uniquely neutral and independent platform.

Thanks to a safe ecosystem, healthbank is on its way to becoming the leading health data hub for the 21st century. healthbank is a game changer in the global health data market by offering providers, users, and healthcare professionals a secure and trusted environment for all health-related data, from fitness and medical data to personal health records, eMedications, and medical therapy plans, and much more.

“Handing prescriptions and medication data to the user helps to build a secure, coherent and complete patient medication history, thus, making the patient’s life safer and more convenient. healthbank is a competent and reliable partner for users to progress down this path with”, said Christian Köpe, Head of Strategy and Public Affairs at Galenica AG.

Healthbank’s ICO

Healthbank’s ICO is the next step in the company’s growth. By offering an equity token, healthbank wants to give everybody the possibility to benefit from the growing value of the ecosystem. The overall ICO strategy is different from most of the existing ICO processes, by taking a long-term view that embodies the cooperative ethics, and sustainable business model, which is a foundational value of the healthbank cooperative. With the ICO, healthbank wants to give everybody the possibility to invest in a market-proven business and contribute to the success of a neutral and independent health data ecosystem while benefiting from it through lower cost and long-term profit.

People participating in the ICO will be investing in a platform that already has more than 200,000 users. “Our vision at healthbank is to create a solution that can bring the digital world into the health ecosystem” said Reto Schegg, CEO at healthbank. “With today’s launch, we are taking a major step in that direction. healthbank is set to profoundly change the healthcare sector as we know it today”.

During the ICO period, healthbank will also issue a utility token, the HBE Token. The HBE token is implemented as a standard ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Healthbank plans to launch the ICO on November 13th and will continue the sale for 10 weeks. However, the ICO will end immediately upon reaching the hard cap of CHF 27,600,000. Early first round token holders will enjoy an additional 10% bonus when participating within the first 5 days of the ICO. Up to 2,200,000,000 tokens will be issued in the ICO, while the total supply will be 4,000,000,000. 1 HBE = CHF 0.0143.

To participate in healthbank’s ICO, users are asked to create an account. To get involved and find out more, visit healthbank’s website.

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