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Ignite Ratings Token Pre-Sale Begins December 15th, A Decentralized, Self-Regulating Investment Platform.

Gibraltar-based blockchain start-up Ignite Ratings is a decentralized, self-regulating platform powered entirely by crowd-sourced opinion, Ignites mission is to adopt a truly innovative approach to the way that ICO’s and digital assets are reviewed and traded, combining a decentralized intelligence platform with an investment index that is powered by the rating’s platform within itself. Ignites rating’s software automatically deploys the index’s capital by the way of investment into the highest-rated assets and returns 50% of profits generated by the index back to the qualified token holders.

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The Ignite platform works like many other rating and review platforms such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, leaving the token holders to provide their opinions on blockchain-based digital assets. Ignite refers to their users as the HIVE, appropriate as all users work together, Combining popular opinions and investment methodologies to generate a collective rating score.

The decorum ‘Reputation Engine’ handles member interactions within the platform, in which themselves are subject to review and rating by the community, Members within the HIVE with a low reputation score will have much less of an impact on the overall rating process while highly reputable members will have a much greater influence. Recording all interactions, this platform is built on the blockchain, Ensuring that all assets and trades have an audit trail stored within.

Co-founder, Christopher Cousins stated that:

If a user is capable of making an investment then they ought to be able to explain the reasons why they feel it will be a successful investment. I imagine we will have very interesting viewpoints from a wide demographic, with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets”.

Ignites HIVE members are encouraged to revisit and maintain the adequacy of their ratings as assets can be liquidated, or purchased instantly should the HIVE make a collective ‘decision’. The Ignite Index will only invest a 1% capital of its current net asset value into any one asset, Providing token holders exposure to the highest-rated ICOs.

Token Sale Details

Ignite ratings has already received funding from several investors and are partnered with Overstocks T-Zero and SpeedRoute to provide their trading technology. To secure and support the ongoing development and release of the platform, Ignite is launching their first token pre-sale followed by the main token sale these will be held as follows:

Token pre-sale – 15th December 2017 – 22nd December 2017

Main Token Sale – 15th January 2018 – 28th February 2018


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