ISG – Eliminating the Setbacks of the Communication Realm


The 21st century is denoted as the century of the formation of a global information society based on which relies the development of global information infrastructure. Presently, many countries are focusing on building information and communication technologies to facilitate global growth. However, despite the notable progressions in various telecommunication fields, the communication landscape still deals with challenges that hinder global penetration of voice and internet technologies.

Challenges of the Communicational Sphere

To begin with, even today, there are many regions in the world where there are no mobile connections available, and in many places, these mobile connections are weak in strength and expensive in costs. Moreover, places that are beyond urban spaces are denoted as ‘dead zones’ where many cities lack the basic mobile network coverage.

Along with the technical issues, the fact that modern communication services are not economical is another critical factor that impacts its large-scale adoption. In fact, the cost of broadband services is proportionate to the monthly salary of an individual in a developing country. The World Statistics reveals that merely 40% of the global population is online. Some of the reasons behind this low percentage are lack of accessible technology, inadequate income to afford mobile communication, inaccessibility in remote regions, etc.

ISG – A Decentralized Solution

An online world without antenna towers, roaming, dead zones, and a distinction between rural and urban region would enable the excluded 60% of the population to obtain cheaper communication services, making them a strong part of the global economy. The International Sky Group is an unconventional platform that has harnessed the potentials of satellite communication in order to offer streamlined and affordable communication services across the globe. This way, the platform allows people to obtain high-speed and steady communication services, allowing them to participate in the global economy.

Satellite Communication System – An Integral Component

ISG has developed a robust Satellite Communication System (SCS) that is capable of functioning inextricably and individually with the existing global telecommunication networks. The SCS is built on low-orbit communication satellite constellations that offer the possibility of 100% coverage, thereby eliminating dead zones. Moreover, the platform also intends to offer high-speed data transmission up to 12 Mbps. ISG is also working towards offering stable and cost-effective voice and multimedia communication to air subscribers who are traveling at the speed of up to 12,000 km/hr.

ISG Blockchain

The platform is planning to build its dedicated ISG blockchain to amplify the security and transactional processes. There will be two types of tokens – ISGVALIDATOR (ISGV) and ISGSERVICE (ISGS). The ISGV token holders will become the validators of the blockchain and gain remuneration in ISGS tokens.

ISGS token will be used to pay for ISG communication services and other transactions on the platform. Users can convert the ISGS tokens to ISGV at a rate of 1:1. Additionally, the prices of ISG services will be predetermined in a fiat currency and then converted into ISGS tokens.

ISG – A Futuristic Satellite Communication Platform

The team at ISG have integrated the latest technologies to provide top-grade communication solutions to its users. By leveraging satellite communication, ISG aims to offer effective, stable, affordable and roaming-free communication services to the common masses across the globe.

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