Last Chance to Join Idealcoin’s Marketing Revolution at Special Pre-Sale Prices

Less than two weeks are left for investors to take the advantage of the 56.6% bonus in purchasing Idealcoin tokens at the special Pre-sale price of $0.499 USD.

Following a successful private sale, Idealcoin gets a step closer to achieve successfully its mission of digital transformation of the marketing industry, becoming the number one tool for marketers around the world.

The special price for the released 11 000 000 IDL tokens will be available by the 25th September, when the Public Sale and a weekly increase of the token price start, lasting until the end of November. From the 1st December, the ERC-20 token will be available at $1.15 USD. Investors can obtain tokens by making payments in fiat, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH and BTG.

Miguel Angel Parada, CEO and Founder of Idealcoin, stated: “Currently, there are over 2 billion people using centralized social networks, which we’ve witnessed compromising their personal data in the bid to generate advertising profits.

We designed Idealcoin as the token that will reshape the industry by providing marketers and advertisers with precise and updated data, while ensuring users keep 100% of their data rights and receive rewards for their contribution, data, opinion and expertise.”

Idealcoin can be organically generated on its Pay My Honest Opinion (PayMHO) platform, which is a 3.0 Social Media ecosystem. The platform offers users a fun and engaging way to generate content by developing and answering questions, interacting and recommending each other and building their profiles in an organic and spontaneous way. Hence, regular users transform into professional influencers, whose opinion is highly valued.

User data is protected by the Proof of Craft (PoC) which grants users with royalties for the created content. On the PayMHO platform, influencers receive Talents for the generation of valuable marketing data, which are linked to the price of gold. Talents can be exchanged to Idealcoin or fiat on the platform, as influencers get 10% discount on their TLN-IDL trades. The Dean Chain 444 protocol makes the PoC Talents immutable, traceable and secured.

The user-friendly and intuitive platform can be joined by anyone who registers from any point in the world. Once users go through the KYC analysis, identification documentation delivery and they open a wallet-type account, they can start their influencer journey to earn rewards.

Influencers can benefit from special offers, products and service testing, express their opinion, comment and contribute to the improvement of a specific product, or service, while earning digital assets. This data can be purchased by companies only with Idealcoins.

idealcoin pr

By managing the use and exploitation of user-generated collective knowledge, the platform behind Idealcoin offers a fast, highly efficient and reliable market research tool, which optimizes the resources and efforts of companies, institutions, governments and individuals.

Alongside with the pre-sale, IDL’s team will release the Alpha Version of PayMHO for Android on the 14th September and the iOS one on the 21st September.

To join the marketing revolution and the pre-sale, visit Idealcoin`s official website.

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