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NaPoleonX: The Crypto-asset Manager Pioneering Trading Bots

Blockchain investment solutions provider NaPoleonX, touted as the world’s first algorithmic crypto asset manager, is now in the midst of a crowdfunding event that seeks to raise a capped goal of EUR 15 million.

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Having already raised EUR 5 million on its first day of launching on 22nd January, the token sale is fast approaching its next EUR 10 million milestone.

The NaPoleonX Target

After bearing witness to the emerging world of new governance brought to birth by the use of blockchain-based smart contracts alongside the revolutionary advances of protocol frameworks such as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and Dynamically Automated Currency (DAC), NaPoleonX saw a vision for marrying these innovations into the management of investments right onto the blockchain to usher in a paradigm shift in the redefinition of the investment sector.

The Paris-based development team of NaPoleonX has already designed new trading bots based upon specific trading strategies, ready to be implemented into investment vehicles such as Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) that will open new avenues for investors to access robust investment strategies.

Targeting the cryptocurrency market, these investment solutions are built to generate competitive yet realistic returns on users’ digital asset portfolios. At the same time, these solutions will remain simple and intuitive, to ensure that newcomers to the cryptocurrency market, specifically large institutional participants, will be able to diversify their asset portfolios with cryptocurrencies as the latest asset class to achieve mainstream recognition.

Furthermore, NaPoleonX CEO Stéphane Ifrah believes that as institutional investors warm up to cryptocurrencies, their emerging needs will be the perfect fit for such a platform as NaPoleonX provides, particularly as it will deliver transparent and verifiable information on all assets typically needed to satisfy conventional due diligence often lacking in mass market cryptocurrency.

The NaPoleonX (NPX) Token Sale

The NPX token sale has been generating a lot of interest but it is not too late to participate and take advantage of a current 10% bonus on top of basic purchases, until the next milestone of EUR 10 million is reached. Once this milestone is achieved, no more bonuses will apply. The basic rate is 1 ETH = 1,000 NPX.

The token sale will continue until February 28th, 2018 or until the 35 million NPX allocated to the sale (70% of the total 50 million NPX supply) is sold out. Tokens will be transferred upon the conclusion of the token sale. All unsold tokens will be burnt.

Interested participants may contribute from a minimum of 0.3 ETH, 0.05 BTC or EUR 750.

About NaPoleonX

NaPoleonX is a licensed tech startup compliant with French regulations. Co-founded by asset managers overseeing multi-billion portfolios at the highest-tiered banks, the team behind NaPoleonX have designed, built and deployed trading bots for over a decade, resulting in high performing accounts and yields.

CEO Stéphane Ifrah has more than 10 years of experience in creating and developing algorithmic strategies, while COO Arnaud Dartois (PhD) is a veteran private equity investor and CSO Jean-Charles Dudek has been a top financial banker since the mid-2000s.

To learn more about the NaPoleonX platform, visit the website and read its technical whitepaper. To get in touch with them, join the discussions on Telegram and BitcoinTalk.


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