Despite the advancements in blockchain technology, there are still several challenges that ought to be solved. These include a blockchain’s ability to self-evolve, establishing a unit of value measurement on the chain, and creating a sustainable long-term ecosystem for participants.

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Nebulas represents a next generation public blockchain that is based on a valuation mechanism. The network is built on top of three pillars, these being:  value ranking via the Nebulas rank, which offers a measure of value for all units present on the chain; self-evolving, via the Nebulas Force, which allows the network to implement changes without requiring a fork; and Native Incentive, which grants rewards to active users and developers.

Additionally, the network operates on a Proof-of-Devotion Consensus Algorithm that is based entirely on fairness, speediness and irreversibility of transactions. Nebulas has added a search engine for dApps, which will allow users to quickly find powerful decentralized apps, many of which have been rewarded and promoted as part of the incentive program.

The Nebulas Incentive Program

As the network believes that everyone should benefit from decentralized collaboration, the Nebulas Incentive Program will offer new application rewards, weekly & monthly developer rewards, and referral rewards, in the form of NAS tokens. So far, the incentive program has encouraged a higher number of dApps to be deployed on Nebulas, when compared to Ethereum.

Following beta-testing, the project has recently released their NAS Nano wallet for Android and iOS. It is bound to allow users to intuitively manage their NAS assets, while also keeping their funds secure via three types of wallet back-ups. Additionally, the wallet will also serve as the official decentralized application store, where users can download numerous apps created via the Nebulas Incentive Program.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the potential of Nebulas is limitless. It takes the best out of the market’s blockchain networks, and adds a few more perks, for an even better experience. For more information about the technology, feel free to access the official Nebulas website, and white paper.

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