The slogan of the EKSPA cloud-bas web platform creators is “Direct connection with success.” What does this phrase mean and why did the EKSPA founders choose it as the project driving force? Everything is simple and comprehensible. The goal of EKSPA marketplace creation is to solve one of the main problems of any trade market – the intermediation problem. On average, 30-40% of the product price is allocated for the intermediaries` services. And this is despite the fact that in most cases they do not affect the product quality, but only handle modern marketing tools better than the producers, more effectively promoting the product on the market. In most cases, this is what makes them turn to the services of intermediaries, many of whom do not play any role even in the product’s positioning in the market, but simply transfer the product further along the chain. Thus, the EKSPA platform will solve this problem in the B2B eCommerce market, directly connecting suppliers and sellers of products, which will have a positive impact on the products’ final price and, accordingly, on the success of each of the transaction participants.

Other important problems that the EKSPA web platform will solve will be the lack of time and sufficient amount of money. Now let us explain what is meant by this. With today’s abundance of information, the process of finding the right partner can take a sufficient amount of time, in which small businesses, for example, are severely limited. Besides, maintaining your own website and its promotion on the Internet also takes a lot of time and money, which can have a negative impact on a small company, being at the stage of the market entry. Taking into account all these problems, the EKSPA creators conceived to solve them all at once within their platform. The EKSPA web platform will become a new low-cost sales channel for small and medium-sized businesses, replacing many intermediaries and turning the Internet into an affordable tool for small companies. Placement on the EKSPA platform will allow suppliers and buyers in the B2B field to find each other around the world, entering into mutual international cooperation. This will allow representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as the main platform users, to go from a small organization to a recognized international company much faster.

EKSPA functional differences from other marketplaces

A centralized multilingual information web application is what EKSPA is. However, the main feature of EKSPA is that this web-platform is a marketplace with the changed logic. Why with the changed one? It’s very simple – the platform has many differences from existing marketplaces. It should be noted that the platform specializes in B2B eCommerce. Today, the B2B segment is increasingly using various online platforms to promote its business. According to the Frost&Sullivan research company forecast, the volume of B2B eCommerce market will reach $ 25 trillion by 2020, exceeding twice the B2C online retail market, and will be about 27% of the total trade. All this, undoubtedly, opens up broad prospects for successful development of the EKSPA web platform in the near future.

Thanks to modern technologies, including blockchain, EKSPA will implement many interesting functions and features that you will not find on other similar platforms. Thus, the “Green light” function will allow selecting new companies around the world, contractor`s “Smart reputation” will form real reviews, “Investments” will help to support various companies, multisignature will certify the transaction execution from both sides, neural network will organize better offers placement and search optimization, auctions will allow to determine the best price for the purchased products. There will also be multilingual search, virtual exhibitions, voting for the functionality development and charging tokens for viewing advertising. And these are just a few of the features that will be available to the EKSPA web platform users. Most of the marketplace features will be available to users for free, but the EKSPA creators provided paid use of the platform, which will give its users other interesting features, which are described in the Whitepaper. Also, this document presents the premium account rates, which can be purchased in the application for the EKSPA tokens. What else the platform tokens will be needed for, we will consider further.

EKSPA token utility

The platform token, Eksperium is a Utility token. What is its utility? First, as noted above, the EKSPA token can be earned for viewing ads within the platform. The advertiser will be able to receive advertising impressions for tokens. Also, it will be possible to hold auctions and virtual exhibitions, organize news releases, buy more space to store your offers, purchase the opportunity of getting the investment from partners, pass additional verification with the use of Eksperium. Thus, the token can be used inside the platform, as it is not intended for purchases outside it. But this fact makes it no less attractive to buy, because it will allow you to take advantage of most of the EKSPA marketplace opportunities.

How to try the EKSPA web application?

Another distinctive feature of the EKSPA project is the presence of the product working test version. Thus, any person interested in the platform can go to the project official website and test the application prototype. It presents not all the functions, but with its help you can “feel” the future look of the marketplace. In order to get acquainted with the working test version, you need to register on a separate website, after which access to its use will be open. The ready-made prototype, as well as the fact that the developers are planning to return funds to investors in case SoftCap is not achieved and to engage in further product development on their own, indicates that their intentions being serious.

At the moment, anyone can find all the necessary information about ongoing pre-ICO and the conditions of tokensale, read the Whitepaper and see the platform test version on the official EKSPA website. It is worth noting that within the tokens pre-sale, which ends in a few days, the sale price is the most attractive and is $0.20 per one token. In addition, it is possible to get generous bonuses for the purchase. Visit the official EKSPA website and join the future in the marketplace industry!

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