The Noah Project team is thrilled to announce that their Noah Coin is now listed on the world’s largest processing platform CoinPayments. It became the 7th in the list of platforms where Noah Coin is available to the community, besides 6 cryptocurrency exchanges that have been confirmed earlier this year.

For the Noah Project listing on such a large platform as the Canadian CoinPayments is a great achievement and another example proving that the project confidently meets milestones in its development and attracts attention from the crypto community, both in the local Asian market and globally.

Founded in 2013, the processing service CoinPayments has become the first platform in the world that offered merchant an opportunity to accept bitcoins and altcoins as payment. At the moment, CoinPayments is the largest payment processor of over 880 cryptocurrencies and has a wide network of 2,216,500 vendors in more than 182 countries internationally.

In addition to the crypto payment gateway, the Vancouver-based company provides a convenient and secure digital wallet, services for the purchase and trading of cryptocurrencies, fast and easy conversion options, the listing of ICO projects, as well as shopping cart plugins and custom payment solutions with a wide array of merchant tools.

Since the first days of its existence, CoinPayments remains true to its goal – to become the industry leader in the field of cryptocurrency processing by providing the best-quality, accessible and reliable services.

The security of users and their assets on the platform is backed by multi-signatures, email confirmations, as well as cold storage of cryptocurrency.

The Noah Project team is confident that “Noah Coin’s presence on CoinPayments is a new story in its evolution. This is an entry point to a brand new, truly global market, which will strengthen the position of Noah Coin in the crypto space.”

Thanks to the listing on CoinPayments, Noah Coin has become available to millions of merchants and users. Now vendors can integrate payments in Noah Coins to their stores or services, and accept them from the customers. Thus, it significantly expands the utility features of the cryptocurrency.

The exciting news about CoinPayments is not everything that the Noah Project team wants to share with their community. Last week, on August 9, the project appeared on the wide screens of Sky News Business – one of the largest television channels in Australia. The project was invited as a guest to the world’s first TV program about blockchain companies. Besides TV broadcast, the show was live on Apple TV and Wall Street Journal. The premiere episode of the Coincast TV program featuring the project and its luxury Noah Resort is available on the official website.

The Noah Project continues to amaze the crypto community with its fantastic achievements and results, heading towards its primary goal to create a borderless world though cryptocurrency.

Want to learn more about the Noah Project or get in touch? Visit the website and join the growing communities on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.

About the Noah Project

The Noah Project works on providing the crypto holders with an opportunity to join the crypto ecosystem with perfect infrastructure for using cryptocurrency as well as trading. The project aims to gather crypto fans and users (customers, businesspersons, and traders) in one very specific and intuitive ecosystem that can smoothly integrate all the existing features under the same structure. The company focuses on implementing several blockchain-powered products, including the web-based application for remittance transfers, use of Noah Coin in Noah City in Horizon Manila (the Philippines) and the Noah Resort on the beaches of Zamboanga del Norte. In both the City and the resort people would be able to get various privileges and discounts.

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