PZM Cash 3

PZM Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a means of payment for a fast-growing ecosystem in which the economic motives of each individual participant provide an increase in overall wealth. The main strategic success factor for PZM Cash is its bet on the growing scaling and balancing of money supply and demand.

The PZM Cash architecture has the following advantages:

  • Sidechains ensuring the security of the main ledger
  • Proof-of-Stake Consensus Algorithm
  • Maximum capabilities for decentralized application developers (DApps)

Why is the PZM Cash consensus algorithm special? 

The PZM Cash team has significantly upgraded the PoS consensus algorithm. The commission for transactions in the PZM Cash network is fixed, which guarantees a fair distribution of remuneration between forgers.

The key difference between PZM Cash and the “classic” PoS concept lies in the mechanism of filling the network with the money supply. The PZM Cash team refused full emission when generating the first block – only 1% of the total amount of coins will be distributed when the network is launched using premining. The remaining coins will be issued during PoS mining – incentive payments to loyal PZM Cash holders for supporting the network.

What advantages does JavaScript give? 

Implementing PZM Cash in JavaScript further expands the possible range of third-party applications – the relative simplicity of the language allows a wide range of developers to join the work on expanding the functionality of the PZM Cash ecosystem. It also allows you to significantly expand the functionality of browser solutions related to PZM Cash.

PZM Cash Web3.js wallet solution

The final advantage of PZM Cash, which is provided through the use of JavaScript, is the ability to use the Web3.js wallet solution. Thus, a wide range of partners will have access to the balance and unify PZM Cash as a payment instrument.

Web3.js technology is already popular with large and successful projects. It allows you to conveniently go through your wallet to sites and services in which you use cryptocurrency as payment.

Each user, regardless of country of residence, can carry out transactions, as well as participate in network administration, if he wants. To do this, just deploy the node and install the necessary software.

Сryptocurrency usage scenarios in PZM Cash

For any PZM Cash user, there are two cryptocurrency usage scenarios: passive and active. They differ in the degree of participation in the development of the network. 

  • In a passive scenario, a network participant is its simple user; 
  • With active participation, the user is also a network administrator (forger) and actively participates in its development and expansion. 

Thus, there are two types of participants on the network:

  1. Simple users who use hot wallets (in a web environment). They do not allocate space for the needs of the network on their computers, do not deploy nodes and receive income solely by holding PZM Cash on their wallets.
  2. Forgers who receive income from forging – adding new blocks to the chain.

PZM Cash users take advantage of all its benefits and receive not only passive income through the upgraded PoS mining but also rewards for loyalty. 


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