Raido Financial is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to transform the crypto-trading ecosystem. The company believes that crypto-trading technologies and tools must be made available to all the users and stakeholders, irrespective of their experience in blockchain and crypto technologies. For this, the company has developed several comprehensive tools that can be used by new and existing stakeholders. The platform has developed 2 MVP products – Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange and the Raido Multicurrency Wallet.

Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange

Raido created its trading exchange after analysing the various exchanges operating in various parts of the world. The company noticed two gaps in the crypto market which it has filled through its exchange. The first gap is the lack of transparency and the second is the need to obtain regulatory licenses. According to a study, most of the top exchanges are unregulated and do not have the right licenses. Lack of regulation has led to a lot of speculation on these exchanges. This speculation in turn causes volatility in the crypto-currency markets, also called pumping.  If crypto-markets are not regulated, then not only does it cause financial distress but also a waning of interest in the new investor community.


Further, it is also observed that in cases where the exchange is regulated, there the operators can use just a handful of crypto-currencies like the BTC, ETH, XRP, ZEC, Altcoins, etc. The Raido Exchange will plug these gaps by providing tools to its investor community that will enable optimal trading. Investors and traders can use 50 tools for crypto-currency trading on this platform and boost their trading opportunities.

Raido Multicurrency Wallet

Similarly, Raido also evaluated several cryptocurrency wallets and after due research, came up with its own version of a cryptocurrency wallet supporting multiple digital currencies.  The broad features of this product are :

  • This wallet supports BTC and other currencies. As and when new cryptocurrencies are introduced, they too will be added to this wallet.
  • Nobody can access the keys to the wallet. There are several features for fund safety. These are keyboard security, double encryption and usage of pincodes.
  • Users remain safe and anonymous.  Hackers cannot track the locations and IP addresses of wallet holders.
  • Using the wallet is very easy. One doesn’t need many steps to set up the wallet.
  • Transaction fee is arrived at dynamically. This means that there is no fixed commission structure  and the fees are calculated according to the market forces.
  • The Raido Multi-currency Wallet can work on Android and iOS platforms, Windows and Mac computers and also on the Linux platform.
  • It is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese languages.
  • Users can use this wallet together with major payment gateways, plastic card processing companies, money transfer companies like PayPal.

Token Sale

The pre-token sale of Raido Financial will begin on November 15 and will continue for the next 30 days.  In order to participate in this sale, one needs to purchase at least 50 tokens. Holders of fiat money can also participate in the pre-token sale.

Raido – An All-Inclusive Cryptocurrency Platform

Raido Financial is a fintech network that integrates powerful crypto tools that allow the crypto market investors to efficiently and securely execute trade and activities related to cryptocurrencies. Moreover it’s two main offerings – the Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange and Multicurrency Wallet optimizes the potential of the existing market and enable users to earn substantial returns in the bargain.

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