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Revain Officially Releases v0.3 Dashboard

It has been just two weeks since the latest v0.2 release. Revain have now released version 0.3. The platform’s overall design and interface is enhanced by new data widgets, graphs and animations. price dynamics and the percentage in token price increase.

The graph that shows token dynamics became much more detailed. The review section of the website was adjusted to be more clear and user-friendly. Widgets got new animations: when a user points the cursor to them they start flashing smaller graphs with related information. Sharing token’s performance on Facebook and Twitter isn’t working yet, but the team assures that it’s coming soon.

Three new widgets were added: Today Price and Volume, Week Price and Volume and ICO Price. ‘Today Volume’ widget compares token’s trading volume with the previous day. ‘Week Volume’ does the same thing with the previous week. ‘Investment Day’ allows to look up the date of the ICO investment and the token price. This helps an investor to monitor the token price dynamics and the percentage in token price increase. The tool is designed to provide quick analysis of the investment.

These are the principle interface improvements that Revain team of developers has recently made. There is much more on the back-end of the platform, and they keep working to get all those invisible features to the final release as soon as possible.

Revain Beta v0.3 is available here:

Users can share their feedback and comments in Revain’s official Telegram chat or send emails to

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