The team at Nav Coin have just released NavPay – the world’s first mobile wallet that allows users to send private payments.

At a time when governments around the world are cracking down on internet freedoms – such as a few weeks ago with the U.S. repealing net neutrality – it’s more important than ever for users to have access to tools that safeguard their rights.

Nav Coin is a cryptocurrency that takes this right to privacy seriously. Having been around since 2014, Nav Coin has built a second blockchain (NavTech) for transactions to be routed through, which completely disconnects the person sending from the person receiving.

NavPay is the latest product to be released by the team and aims to be the quickest and easiest way to safely store NAV outside of an exchange. There is no blockchain to download, just download the app and users are able to take control of their private keys.

Aside from the benefits of owning your private keys, NavTech’s private transactions have been integrated into the wallet, making it the first mobile wallet in the world to do so. It’s as easy as clicking a button, and your transaction will be split up, sent through the NavTech network, and recombined at the other end with no way of tracking to see where it came from.

Forked off the CoPay wallet – it also provides other features such as multi-signature wallets, the ability to save your friends addresses, and more features on the way such as the ability to swap/exchange coins within the app.

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