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Thought you knew iGaming tech? Then you haven’t heard of Truegame

Truegame is about to reintroduce innovative new iGaming concepts the likes of which have never been seen before, with a unique smart contract-enabled platform. To fully develop this innovative twist to iGaming, Truegame is launching a crowdfunding campaign via a token generation event, with a pre-sale beginning February 26th, 2018, prior to the general event on March 19th, 2018.

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Games of chance have never been more popular

The promise of instant riches for those who dare to take the risk continues to be a popular premise, with millions of people around the globe partaking in games of chance. Whether trying their luck in prize raffles, beating opponents in a game of cards or aiming for the jackpot with slots, more players are betting bigger for their chance at millions of dollars in prize money.

Yet gaming enthusiasts everywhere have always had to trust the system. They rely on casino operators to implement fairness in their random programs, they trust that prize funds will be disbursed, they hope that they really do have the winning chance they are promised. But there is very little in terms of resources at players’ disposal to ensure that all these things are truly in place.

But blockchain’s decentralization and smart contracts can potentially bring a whole new level of transparency to this industry. Through open source smart contracts, the decision to award and distribute winnings can be executed automatically, with funds disbursed to an open registry that anyone can independently verify.

This means that games are truly dependent on mathematical probability and luck – the way they were meant to be.

The Truegame Platform of transparent iGaming

Truegame combines iGaming philosophy and blockchain innovation, pioneering the use of smart contracts in games like lotteries, dice and scratchcards. It first began developing the platform in 2016, allowing online gamers to play fair from more than 12 games, and growing, currently including dice, lotteries, gift boxes and many more.

Built to be future proof, Truegame is the only scalable platform with so much room to grow. Instead of expanding last year, the company continued to develop a mature product, analysing feedback from players to constantly improve and grow its user base. As such, it is now an optimal platform primed for further expansion.

More value for gaming

Truegame sees unique content as a key element of success, noting that most competitors use whitelabel solutions that result in almost identical design and gameplay. The Truegame platform distinguishes itself by having its own architecture and development department, producing custom design and content that is mobile friendly.

Because it is fully integrated with the blockchain, Truegame allows any game to be deployed via smart contract, with new payment systems, third party services and its own white labelling all possible in a seamless manner.

Additionally, Truegame can easily port over from its current implementation on the Ethereum protocol to others such as the popular Cardano network, without disrupting gameplay for its gamers. One benefit of this is to maintain the speed and low costs of transacting, thereby keeping the house edge consistently low.

The Truegame tokens (TGAME) and Truegame TGE

Truegame’s TGE will have a modest target for fundraising, banking on an already high level of project implementation, detailed roadmap, unique games and a secured gambling license to attract participants.

The pre-sale opens on February 26th, 2018, running until March 18th, 2018, with a minimum contribution of 0.2 ETH. Early contributors will take advantage of a 40% first week bonus, 30% second week bonus and 20% third week bonus.

Once the main sale begins on March 19th, 2018 until April 30th, 2018, tokens will be sold at a base rate of 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME, with minimum contributions set at 0.1 ETH. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

With an experienced listing specialist (who launched the Revain project token on exchanges to a tune of $300 million market cap) on their team, the value of TGAME is expected to appreciate with time.

For more information on the modern era of iGaming, visit the Truegame TGE website or try out the Truegame platform. Check out their thread on BitcoinTalk or connect with the team on Telegram.


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