After more than a decade of development, the concept of “blockchain” is often seen as a practical change for the business community as well as a utopian imagination against formalism. With the large-scale consumption of “blockchain” and the increasing use of technology, a time-space constructed by technology has largely reshaped human perceptions of time, space, work and entertainment, and political economy. With an attempt to create interaction with this technology, a distributed form of business society is on the horizon.

Against this background, the world’s leading commercial services in the areas of distributed network BitCherry will conduct a global activity that brings in a concept of cutting-edge distributed technology and advanced distributed business models to multiple countries and cities under the topic of “Urban Empowerment – Creating a Distributed Business City”.

According to the official notice, this trip will cover a total of six countries around the world. It is done via San Francisco, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Moscow. The global activity could be categorized under three major sections namely “Business”, “Products”, and “Technology”. Respectively on several aspects of BitCherry latest technological advances, interactive product demonstrations, the commercial ecological strategic planning and other aspects that bring a comprehensive display to the audience. It is expected to cover 35,000+ audiences worldwide, 3000+ investment institutions and 1800+ industry elites. More than 480+ mainstream media will conduct comprehensive follow-up reports.

Through the token users, we understand that this is the largest ever global strategic layout since the launching of BitCherry. All along, BitCherry actively carry out exchanges of globalization, mobilizing global resources industry, with regional projects and government to explore and expand the cooperation depth. Earlier, BitCherry advisor Kim has signed a cooperation agreement with SCC and WTIA, whereby the three parties agreed on working together to build an integrated smart city project namely “Tunisian Economic City” that worth around 42 billion US dollars. Recently, BitCherry also signed a strategic agreement with the Congo (DRC) government on the national infrastructure, mining and mineral resources, energy, information and communication technology, agriculture, health and education as well as technical cooperation with the Congo government in various field. Here, BitCherry had a series of activities to demonstrate its penetration and influence in the industry.

Back to the topic regarding global roadshow expansion, token users could not help but curious about why BitCherry are choosing these cities?

Looking back at the three sectors mentioned above, from a financial point of view, Singapore and Hong Kong, China, as the two most important financial hubs in Asia and even in the world have strong financial genes. Asides, the blockchain environment in these two places are open and inclusive with a higher degree of freedom on investment. Previously, the international magazine Forbes said that “Singapore may be the friendliest country for blockchain in the world”. The data shows that there are more than 600 blockchain projects registered in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2018. With the combination of BitCherry business line, we can safely guess whether the distributed business network BitCherry will incur any action in the DeFi field?

When it comes to science and technology, San Francisco and Malta have strong technological attributes. As the global technology centre of Silicon Valley is located in San Francisco, It is home to a large number of technology giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Whether it is AI, Big Data, Smart Hardware or Blockchain, Silicon Valley represents the direction of the global technological trend. On the other hand, Malta as a small country in Europe is known as the centre of the Mediterranean. Supported by its policies, the global industry summits for innovation are located here. As we all know, the emerging industries of blockchain technology have been giving a new life to the industries, as well as exposure to the science and technology-intensive areas. In this case, where will the connection of BitCherry be?

Lastly, we move our attention to the commercial perspective. Both South Korea and Russia have a huge family-owned business conglomerate and business oligarch. Looking at South Korea alone, the company likes Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai, Lotte, and other commercial groups hold 60% of the country’s GDP. Meanwhile, when it comes to Russia, they have the world’s famous seven oligarchs. Of course, the huge volume of business is bound to be accompanied by huge manpower and Maintenance costs, and the emergence of blockchain has allowed the commercial bodies of the two countries to see a new direction for enterprises to breakthrough. BitCherry happens to be able to provide a practical and effective solution for the businesses through the distributed economy.


The commercial application based on blockchain technology is driving the global industrial transformation, and profoundly affects the upgrading and transformation of e-commerce, finance, telecommunications, payment and other industries. With technology-enabled business, communication-based of implementation promotion, and innovation to achieve a win-win situation, Let’s wait and see! What’s the surprise that BitCherry can bring to us?









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