Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why Advertise with NullTX?

Founded in June 2014 NullTX is a top cryptocurrency and technology news site focusing on fintech, blockchain technology, privacy, and any other trending technology news. Our motto is to provide purely honest reporting and educate our readers regarding the latest scams and potential vulnerabilities which are affecting users.

With over 38,000 twitter followers our audience is highly social and active, your product or service will reach thousand of users in a matter of hours. We also have over 13000 email subscribers to our newsletter.

Types of Advertising

We offer 5 different spots for banner ads. The two sizes we have are 728×90 and 300×600, the price for banner ads can either be based on impressions for $5 / 1000 impressions, or a flat fee of $50 per day per banner.

We also offer press releases ($300) and sponsored articles ($600), difference being press releases are put into the press release section and sponsored articles show up on the homepage. Contact us for pricing.

You may submit a press release automatically by using this link for payment: and emailing a google doc link of your PR along with the Coinpayment TXID to [email protected]

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum for payment.

We also offer advertising packages with our media partners where we can distribute your PR or Sponsored Article to multiple media outlets for a discounted price.

Thanks for considering NullTX as your advertising partner, any inquiries can be emailed to [email protected] If you are looking to speak to someone ASAP you can also reach the NullTX Founder on telegram @Arginmark

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