Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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NeuronX – How Neural Networks Help Cryptotraders

The cryptotrader's life is full of surprises. The cryptocurrency market resembles the development of the Wild West -  today you farm, but tomorrow Indians...

Introducing Ethermium: A New DEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

EtherMium is a cutting- edge solution for pro-traders as well as for newbies, the exchange performs all the upsides of both centralized and decentralized...

Block Ventures Announces Launch of Tokens and Securities Listing Platform

ICOs are Upgrading to STOs As the blockchain space continues to evolve, huge milestones are covered in order to reach new levels of stability. So...

TriForce Tokens Announces Launch of Steam Game and Final Token Sale

Blockchain-based gaming startup TriForce Tokens has announced the launch of Eximius, a new game available on Steam. In addition, they have also announced the...
bitcoin major move

Bitcoin: “a Major Move Is Likely to Occur,” Says, Economic Analyst

Released ten years ago, Bitcoin gained popularity very fast. Thanks to the fact that the transactions take place directly and there are no intermediates,...

Press Releases


Raido Financial – Redefining the Cryptocurrency Wallet

Raido Financial is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to transform the crypto-trading ecosystem. The company believes that crypto-trading technologies and tools must...

Massive Sexstortion Scam Linked to Bitcoin Laundry Site

November 13, 2018, Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT): A massive “sexstortion” scheme that has been raking in millions of dollars in Bitcoins...

Rate3 Bridges Enterprises With Blockchain’s Benefits Through Asset Tokenization

SINGAPORE - Rate3 envisions a future where all forms of assets - including money, stocks, real estate, intellectual property and even an individual’s time...

CoTrader – Enabling Investors and Traders to Mutually Benefit from One Another

The cryptocurrency sphere is extremely unpredictable and requires investors to have a thorough knowledge of its volatility. People who lack the experience and knowledge...

Tokenization of Real Estate – The SWINCA Solution

Real estate has been and still is one of the most promising areas of investment. But it’s been overtaken by monopolies, bureaucracies and expensive...