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BlockDAG Secures $51.1M Following Viral Influencer Endorsements; Eclipses ETC & RNDR with a 1,120% Surge

The crypto market is keenly observing as Ethereum Classic’s prospects dim, Render’s (RNDR) price edges up slightly, and BlockDAG soars with a 1,120% increase since its first batch. Prominent YouTube influencer, Crypto Bull, has dubbed BlockDAG the top emerging crypto of 2024, thanks to its innovative DAG-based PoW technology and unprecedented ROI potential. 

His viral video has ignited massive interest in BlockDAG, helping it amass $51.1 million in funding. BlockDAG’s X100 miner outperforms top competitors, potentially earning miners $100 daily in passive income.

Render (RNDR) Price: Breakthrough Above $15 on the Horizon?

The outlook for Render (RNDR) appears promising after a surge in investor interest. The token climbed nearly 4% over the last week, showcasing a strong bullish trend. Currently, RNDR trades at $10.42 with a market capitalization of $3.85 billion. Analysts are optimistic, suggesting RNDR could reach $15, with strong support forming at the $10 mark. Upcoming AI-centric events like Apple’s WWDC could further propel RNDR. However, a recent 1.16% drop over 24 hours keeps the community vigilant, with eyes peeled on the $11.5 resistance level.

Ethereum Classic’s Future: Losing Steam

Ethereum Classic’s bullish momentum is fading, with key indicators signaling an incoming bearish phase. The crypto tested the $25 support and failed to maintain the $29 level. Over the last 10 days, ETC’s price slipped from $31 to $28.6, with Bitcoin’s downturn exacerbating ETC’s troubles. The sharp decline in Open Interest reflects ongoing selling pressures. While a bullish turnaround is unlikely, a revival could occur if ETC shows an uptrend on shorter timeframes.

BlockDAG Raises $51.1M with Influencer Backing

BlockDAG’s presale has shattered records, surpassing giants like Ethereum, Ripple, Kaspa, and Bitcoin. The crypto has delivered an impressive 1,120% ROI to early batch investors, with prices soaring from $0.001 in batch 1 to $0.0122 in batch 18.

Crypto Bull, a prominent influencer, recently spotlighted BlockDAG’s market impact, upcoming developments, and community engagement initiatives in his latest video. His review covered BlockDAG’s media praises from Forbes and Bloomberg, the X1 Miner App launch allowing smartphone mining, and the flexible presale payment options.

He also noted BlockDAG’s daily sales potential of $5 million and hinted at an earlier than expected Mainnet launch within four months. Following his influential video, BlockDAG’s presale revenue rocketed to $51.1 million.

BlockDAG is also a haven for both amateur and professional miners. The X100 mining rig, featuring a hash rate of 2TH/s and 1800W energy use, has been flying off the shelves. Its superior heat management and Ethernet connectivity make it ideal for mining 2,000 BDAG/day. Additionally, its compatibility with SHA-256 allows for mining Bitcoin and Kaspa too.

BlockDAG’s rapid batch progression sets a record in crypto history. With the Mainnet launch approaching in less than four months, BDAG’s price is projected to jump from $0.0122 to $1, translating to a daily passive income of $100 for miners and potentially millions in the coming years.

Final Insights

While RNDR sees a modest price increase and ETC experiences a sharp decline, BlockDAG stands out as the premier crypto of 2024. Following extensive influencer endorsements, a 1,120% price rise since its first batch, and a major event release, BlockDAG is rapidly selling at $0.0122 in batch 18, having raised an impressive $51.1 million from selling over 11.5 billion DAG coins. Its X100 mining powerhouse could soon enable miners to earn $100/day in passive income post-launch.

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