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BlockDAG’s AMA Session | Cronos expansion, PEPE breakout.

BlockDAG’s AMA Frenzy: 12 Billion Coins Sold and Counting! Cronos Expansion with zkSync & Pepe Coin Breakout

Cronos expansion continues with the integration of zkSync technology, enhancing cross-chain interactions and driving market interest. Similarly, PEPE coin breakout signals are evident as the price forms a symmetrical triangle pattern, indicating potential significant price movements.

However, BlockDAG (BDAG) stands out as the ultimate choice for investors. With an exclusive AMA session and impressive metrics, including heralding $56.9M by batch 19 and selling over 12 billion coins, BlockDAG exemplifies transparency and community involvement. This makes BlockDAG the top emerging crypto to buy, reinforcing its commitment to long-term success and investor engagement.

Cronos Unveils A Milestone in Cronos Expansion

Cronos (CRO) has unveiled its latest blockchain innovation, the Cronos zkEVM, which integrates zkSync technology to enhance security and efficiency in cross-chain interactions, marking a significant Cronos expansion. A shared bridge will connect The new zkEVM to the Ethereum mainnet.

Cronos initiated testnet quests on Galxe following the Cronos zkEVM Tethys testnet launch, concluding on June 30. Community engagement continues with the “Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program,” including CRO deposits before the mainnet transition. This strategic move further solidifies the Cronos expansion and its commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

Pepe Coin Breakout: Stability and Symmetrical Patterns 

Pepe coin breakout is becoming increasingly likely as the price forms a symmetrical triangle pattern, indicating potential significant movement. Recent analytical metrics show decreased trading volume while the price remains stable, suggesting an imminent shift.

PEPE’s price has seen a 13% decrease after testing resistance at $0.00001348, stabilising at $0.00001152. Optimistic sentiment prevails with 78.56% of holders in profit and increased new and active addresses. This surge in participation and the formation of the triangle pattern reinforce the potential for a Pepe coin breakout, making it a critical moment for traders and investors.

AMA Session Highlights BlockDAG’s Transparency

BlockDAG is anticipated to host an exclusive ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session, generating significant excitement among investors eager to engage directly with the BlockDAG team. This event exemplifies BlockDAG’s commitment to transparency and community involvement, offering a unique opportunity for investors to gain insights directly from the leadership.

The AMA, featuring BlockDAG’s CEO, invites community members to submit their questions, with the 10 most reshared questions being highlighted during the session. This interactive approach has successfully elevated interest and engagement within the BlockDAG community, further cementing its reputation for openness.

BlockDAG Coin (BDAG), currently in batch 19 and heralding $56.9 million, boasts a total supply of 150 billion coins, with over 12 billion already sold. This underscores its rarity and dedication to long-term goals. Demonstrating their commitment, 1% of the total supply, amounting to 990 million coins, is reserved for the dedicated BlockDAG team. These funds are locked, ensuring that the team’s goals are aligned with the project’s success, fostering ongoing contributions and promoting fairness and transparency.

The announcement of the AMA’s time and date is awaited, and participation in this event, which underscores BlockDAG’s embrace of transparency and its dedication to its community’s engagement and success, is highly encouraged.


While Cronos expansion continues to drive interest with zkSync technology, and PEPE coin breakout signals suggest imminent price movements, BlockDAG emerges as the superior investment choice. BlockDAG’s exclusive AMA session, combined with impressive presale success, heralding $56.9M and selling over 12 billion coins by batch 19, showcases its commitment to transparency and community engagement. As the top emerging crypto to buy, BlockDAG stands out for its dedication to long-term success and investor involvement, making it a top contender in the cryptocurrency market.

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