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SingularityNET Multisign Unloads $3.63M In AGIX Ahead Of Major AI Token Merger

In a notable move, the multisignature wallet 0x1f9, associated with SingularityNET, transferred 4 million AGIX tokens, worth $3.63 million, to Binance within the past 24 hours. These tokens were funneled through multiple intermediary wallets before reaching the exchange. Interestingly, this multisignature wallet had received these AGIX tokens from SingularityNET’s Treasury […]

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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Wallets Tell A Different Story Amid Market Movements

While Bitcoin’s market cap of $1.41 trillion significantly outpaces Ethereum’s $458.91 billion by a factor of 3.1, a closer look at wallet data reveals an intriguing narrative.  Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, staking activities, and smaller average wallet sizes contribute to a higher number of unique holders. Specifically, Ethereum boasts […]

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The New Wave of AI Platform Coins in the Crypto Market and RACA’s Strategic Bet on 4090 GPU Graphics Cards

AI platform coins are emerging as a dominant force in the cryptocurrency landscape, effectively becoming the new breed of meme coins. Over the past 18 months, these coins have demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth, often outperforming even Bitcoin during market fluctuations. Every minor uptrend in Bitcoin’s price curve sees AI […]