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Bitcoin Recent Over 20% Dip In The Last 7 Days Is Only But A Buying Opportunity, Historical Data Shows 

Bitcoin ($BTC) is currently undergoing a 21% decline after a 12-day period, mirroring past corrections during this bull market. Interestingly, historical data suggests that such dips have often preceded significant upward movements, presenting potential buying opportunities for investors anticipating Bitcoin’s rise. In this bull market, $BTC has experienced 4 notable […]

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Despite Massive Exchange Deposits Of Ethereum, ETH Staking Stats Hits 29,128,513.51 ETH 

Ethereum’s price exhibited a decline below the crucial $2,240 support level, dipping briefly under $2,200 before finding support around $2,165. Similar to Bitcoin’s pattern, ETH established a short-term base and initiated an upward correction, currently trading at $2,205. Amidst the price fluctuations, Celsius continued to make notable deposits of Ethereum […]

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These $BLUR Token Holders Are Currently On Over $55M Unrealized Profits, Keep An Eye On Them

Blur ($BLUR) has emerged as a prominent player in both the cryptocurrency and NFT markets, gaining recognition for its prowess. Launched on October 19, 2022, has swiftly climbed the ranks of the Ethereum mainnet NFT marketplace, boasting an impressive $770 million market cap. On-chain reports from Spotonchain reveal that […]

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$LSK Sees Good 25% Price Increase While The Rest Of The Market Suffers Bitcoin’s Dip, Here’s Why 

$LSK has experienced an impressive surge, soaring over 25% in the last 24 hours and achieving a substantial 2800% gain in its 24-hour trading volume. This recent upswing can be attributed to the team’s announcement of $LSK’s strategic move towards Ethereum and the Optimism Superchain. A Significant Packed 2024 For […]

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Bitcoin Cash $BCH Takes The Spotlight While Bitcoin Battles Selling Pressure 

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) positions itself as a user-friendly solution for daily transactions, boasting minimal fees and swift confirmations, ideal for routine purchases and micro-transactions. Despite its designed convenience, concerns are surfacing as traders exhibit Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) towards assets like Bitcoin Cash and Loopring, reflected in a surge […]