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Ethereum Price Struggles to Hold at $1,900, Trading Volume Rises

Ethereum price august 15th

After an excellent performance last week, this Monday, Ethereum’s price struggles to hold above the $1,900 level as trading volume rises. We’re likely to see ETHUSD attempt to maintain current support levels in a price continuation pattern through the next several days before the cryptocurrency market decides on its next move.

Ethereum Price Analysis and Prediction

Ethereum managed to peak above the $2k level on Sunday, briefly breaking past its three-month-high. After a significant bearish drop in mid-June, where Ethereum’s price dropped from $1,800 to a low of $900, ETHUSD made an excellent recovery over the course of the subsequent two months.

The $2k level for Ethereum is an important milestone, and if the digital asset can maintain current support, we’re likely to see further growth in September.

The market is anticipating Ethereum’s network merge next month, which will provide additional bullish momentum for ETH, likely pushing it to the $2,500 level.

With the three-month-high level of $2k achieved for ETHUSD, the next range for the crypto asset is to conquer the $3k level. While we’re still far from another bull rally, September could ramp up the markets and bring ETH prices above the $2k range.

If you’re betting on the continual bullish momentum for crypto markets and the potential reversal of the bear market, now is an excellent time to open a position for the next bull run. However, if you still believe that the bear market is in effect, it could be wise to wait for another drop before loading up on undervalued digital assets.

According to the latest CPI data, inflation has declined, especially in June, when the U.S. saw its first month this year with price rises slowing down. Gas prices are down, and energy prices are stabilizing, signaling that the Fed’s monetary policy has been effective. Whether the economy will recover in Q4 is still early to tell, but traders remain hopeful.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Emerging GameFi Projects with Huge Potential: Klangaverse, Decentraland, and Sandbox

GameFi is a promising sector of the cryptocurrency market which refers to play-to-earn blockchain games. The gaming industry is a vast terrain with great potential for earning a passive income. GameFi was coined and used in a tweet by Andre Cronje, a DeFi founder and developer of Yearn Finance.

The term “GameFi,” which combines the words “game” with “finance,” refers to blockchain games that offer incentives, allowing players to Play-to-Earn (P2E) cryptocurrency or Non-Fungible Tokens. It has gained popularity as a label for metaverse games and is gradually gaining traction as a concept.

Generally, players go through multiple game levels, engage in battles, and accomplish different tasks. In GameFi projects, players use the utility tokens purchased with fiat money to spend in the game for different purposes, including purchasing in-game assets represented as NFTs. Meet the emerging GameFi project Klangaverse (KLG) that deconstructs the Play-to-Earn game genre by offering players and artists to earn huge returns while playing music.

Decentraland (MANA)

decentraland price

Decentraland (MANA) is a Metaverse- based virtual currency that offers numerous features with its blockchain gaming package. You can make purchases in the Metaverse using the Decentraland token.

Decentraland uses two utility tokens: (MANA) and (LAND). (MANA) is an ERC-20 token used to obtain non-fungible ERC-721 LAND tokens. (MANA) tokens are used to buy a variety of avatars, and skins, create digital heroes, or even develop real-life skills like guitar skills or language comprehension. In the Metaverse, each action has a different cost, and your characters grow stronger the more you play.

The token’s cost was $1.46 in May 2021. At that point, Atari established a virtual casino and began working on the project. The currency functioned well and was a valuable asset in the GameFi market.

The Sandbox (SAND)

the sandbox alpha

The Sandbox (SAND) is a platform with a fascinating GameFi ecosystem. It started as a regular online gaming platform before the incorporation of blockchain technology. In the Sandbox game, players purchase digital plots of land (referred to as LAND) and then build activities on top of them to share with other players.

The protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native token is an ERC20 coin that is used to cover transaction costs on the gaming system. Additionally, it is available for purchase and resale on cryptocurrency exchanges. People can purchase and sell lands inside the ecosystem and earn virtual money through the Sandbox.

Sandbox is one of the major GameFi projects that has established a significant affiliation with well-known companies and celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, GameFi Ventures, and many others.

Klangaverse (KLG)

Klangaverse (KLG) is a decentralized music-sharing network that employs blockchain technology to provide fair royalties and a secured payment method for artists and users. The (KLG) token is a cryptocurrency from Klangaverse, used for managing and rewarding musicians and fans.

Klangaverse introduced a play-to-earn music genre to keep users invested in this new type of game. Players earn cryptocurrencies simply by playing and being active on the platform. Klangaverse’s P2E game concept is called “KLANGASPEL.” KLANGA stands for sound, music, and jingle. SPEL stands for Play and Game.

Its GameFi project KLANGASPEL is a unique and exciting P2E adventure game that combines entertainment with means of generating income. Players must purchase their instruments and lessons before they participate in the game. The players are required to pick from a wide range of instruments such as Yamaha, microphones, kordoba classical guitars, and many more.

Players use the (KLG) token to make an in-app purchase and upgrade their instruments when needed.  Players earn points as they progress through the many levels and stages by playing a tune with the music, singing, and strumming. The objective is to keep the virtual audience interested and involved so that they buy tickets to your live events, concerts, or festivals.

When the Klangaverse Play-to-Earn game is released, you shouldn’t miss it because there will be tons of various levels, opportunities, and ways to earn huge returns just by playing.

Klangaverse (KLG)

Presale: http://bang.Klangaverse.com/ 

Website: http://Klangaverse.com/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/KlangaverseOfficial

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

Next Block Expo Is Aiming to Become the Biggest Blockchain Festival in Europe

Next Block Expo NullTX Featured

The First edition will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 23-24 November 2022, with more than 5000 attendees. 4 months from now, the Berlin Station will be the most important place on the European blockchain map, linking together the most important names from the blockchain industry.

“We are bringing founders, investors, and blockchain experts together to redefine and discover the Web3 future,” – says Tom Kopera, Next Block Expo Co-founder.

The organizers expect more than 5000 participants at the conference plus another 10 000 attending online. The venue can host more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. Everyone will be able to listen to more than 50 top blockchain speakers.

next block expo event

The biggest blockchain festival in Europe is dedicated to web3 startups, no matter the stage of development. The event will bring together founders, angel & retail investors, venture capital firms, developers & software houses, and various industry experts.

There will be six types of events to attend. The most influential people in the blockchain space will share their visions about web3 from the main stage during Presentations time. Round Tables will be an opportunity to understand different perspectives. During Workshops, experts in respected fields will share their knowledge with participants. All exhibitors can submit their projects to the Pitch Contest, where experts will select the best startups. We also plan Hackathons for hard-core developers who want to learn by doing, and Side Events organized directly by startups for their communities.

The conference will be divided into six content tracks:

  • DeFi
  • Blockchain gaming
  • Metaverse / NFT
  • Scaling & Infrastructure
  • Web3 Discovery
  • Fundraising and Investing

“It is a unique opportunity to either find partners for your project, talk to investors and venture capital firms, see what is ‘hyped’ and maybe find the next big thing to invest into,” – says Tom Kopera.

“But most importantly, we want to focus on the future of Web3 – we are witnessing a new economy that combines what web3 already created, and now traditional sectors are jumping in. So let’s discuss, brainstorm and share our vision of the future.”

Next Block Expo is an extension of a previous series of events held under the name Cryptocurrency World Expo over the last six years.

More info: https://nextblockexpo.com 

Resources for participants, sponsors, and exhibitors: https://linktr.ee/nextblockexpo

Follow Next Block Expo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nextblockexpo

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. NullTX is an official media sponsor of Next Block Expo.

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $0.001 to Watch in August 2022

metaverse crypto coins below 1 cent august 2022 nulltx

Metaverse crypto coins remain some of the most popular niche cryptocurrencies on the market. There are dozens of Metaverse and NFT projects available, and despite the eight-month-long bear market, these projects continue to build their ecosystems and innovate. Today we look at NullTX’s pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a unit price below $0.001 to watch in August 2022, ordered by the current unit price, lowest to highest.

#3 UFO Gaming (UFO) – $0.000004185

Launched in July 2021, UFO Gaming (UFO) is a fan favorite Metaverse crypto game, with one of the most robust communities supporting the project. UFO Gaming’s mission is to:

“bridge the gap between gaming and blockchain, giving players the ability to earn while playing.”


The project is building a unique space-themed Metaverse world dubbed “The Dark Metaverse.” Its virtual world will consist of several planets governed by DAOs. Each Decentralized Autonomous Organization will govern the planet, featuring a unique play-to-earn experience for users to check out and earn rewards.

Players can travel across the UFO Gaming Metaverse, explore the various planets and check out the numerous activities, earning rewards in the process.

Moreover, in addition to its vast collection of play-to-earn games, UFO Gaming will feature a launchpad for other projects, an interoperable unique NFT marketplace, and a virtual real estate marketplace.

The first game UFO Gaming is developing is Super Galactic and features a strategy-based RPG that allows users to take on battles, slay monsters, and earn rewards. Super Galactic is a play-to-earn game incorporating the latest trends in crypto, such as NFTs, DeFi, P2E, and more.

In addition, UFO Gaming is releasing their Genesis NFTs, which will be needed to participate in the early P2E economy. The NFTs will also provide use-cases and will be upgradeable and time-based. We recommend checking them out!

UFO Gaming also features its finance dashboard, enabling users to stake UFO tokens for considerable rewards. The primary utility asset for the platform is the ERC-20 UFO token, powering the project’s ecosystem and economy.

You can purchase UFO coins on KuCoin, Gate.io, Uniswap, BKEX, MEXC, ShibaSwap, LATOKEN, BKEX, Hotbit, Decoin, etc.

#2 Starlink (STARL) -$0.000004964

Launched in June 2021, Starlink (STARL) is another highly underrated and undervalued Metaverse crypto project. It’s building its Metaverse with Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 5, which will provide amazing-looking graphics and a highly immersive experience for players.

starlink metaverse

Starlink offers a 3D experience enabling players to build their characters and spaceship, take on battles, earn rewards, and explore the vast open-world Metaverse. For a deeper dive into Starlink and its features, check out NullTX’s review of STARL. As the game is in open beta, we recommend checking it out!

In addition to its Metaverse game, STARL also features an OpenSea collection for its PixelNauts NFTs. If you want to support the project and stand out with a unique profile picture, consider purchasing a PixelNaut NFT from Starlink’s collection. The current floor price is 0.07ETH (roughly $139), a relatively low price with the current bear market.

What’s more, Starlink launched yet another unique collection called STARPALS. PALs, or Physics Altering Lifeforms, will provide an outstanding utility within the Starlink Metaverse, service as a guide, and energy sources in the MMO space game Warp Nexus. Possessing one entity will expose users to various benefits like full access to the game, exclusive character, ship customizations, and much more.

The floor price for a STARL PAL is 0.09ETH (roughly $180), still relatively affordable for NFTs.

STARL is the native utility asset for the project, an ERC-20 token living on the Ethereum blockchain. STARL will serve as the primary token for the StarLink ecosystem and power its economy.

With a current market capitalization of $48.8 million, STARL is highly undervalued, and we recommend keeping an eye on it in August 2022.

You can buy STARL on LATOKEN, Uniswap, Gate.io, MEXC, Gate.io, LBank, ShibaSwap, etc.

#1 Radio Caca (RACA) – $0.0004307

Launched in August 2021, Radio Caca (RACA) is another highly underrated and community-oriented Metaverse ecosystem and project. Radio Caca encompasses several products and services, including its USM (United States of Mars) Metaverse, its flagship play-to-earn game Metamon, its OpenPFP NFT Marketplace, and features some of the most unique and high-profile partnerships in crypto.

radio caca raca featured

Radio Caca recently partnered with French Montana, an iconic Hip Hop artist, to develop his NFT collection.

Speaking to the size of Radio Caca’s community, its USM Metaverse recently surpassed 830k users, setting a new record for one of the most significant Metaverse crypto events in 2022.

RACA is the native utility asset for Radio Caca, featuring both ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions. You can buy the RACA token on major exchanges like Gate.io, KuCoin, Poloniex, Huobi Global, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any Metaverse crypto coins.

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Ethereum Price Rises Past $1.9K, Surpasses Half of Bitcoin’s Market Cap

Ethereum price continues to outperform Bitcoin daily, rising by over 15% this week and today, overtaking Bitcoin’s 50% market capitalization. After testing support on Friday, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue their bull run breaking monthly highs. BTC dominance continues to drop, with some of the lowest levels seen since January 2022.

Crypto Market Update

Ethereum’s Market Cap Surpasses Half of Bitcoin’s

With the recent price hike for Ethereum, and ETHUSD nearing its three-month high of $2.1k, the smart contracts platform surpassed half of Bitcoin’s market capitalization. At the time of writing this article, Ethereum’s market capitalization is at $241 billion, compared to Bitcoin’s $467 billion.

This market cap milestone is a significant achievement for ETH in its attempt to overtake Bitcoin in what’s dubbed “The Flippening.”

Moreover, looking at the market data chart from CoinMarketCap, we can see that Bitcoin’s dominance has been falling steadily this year, and the current level of 39% is the lowest Bitcoin’s dominance has been since January.

bitcoin dominance chart coinmarketcap
BTC Dominance // Source: CoinMarketCap

On the other hand, Ethereum’s dominance has risen substantially since June, increasing from a mere 14% to over 20%. If Ethereum’s dominance can surpass 25%, that would contribute to a significant shift in the market since the last time ETHUSD had seen such high dominance was in mid-2018.

As the leading smart contracts platform, it is no surprise that the market is leaning towards Ethereum. Moreover, the upcoming network merge scheduled in September is approaching rapidly and is fueling what’s dubbed the “merge trade” for ETH. Traders expect Ethereum to rise significantly as the network merge date approaches, making ETHUSD a must-watch in August and September 2022.

Ethereum will likely continue its bullish momentum and test the $2k range next week. Some critical milestones for ETHUSD remain the three-month high of $2.1k and the increase to 25% dominance.

Tornado Cash Developer Arrested in Amsterdam

In other news, after the U.S. Treasury sanctioned Tornado Cash on August 8th, a cryptocurrency mixer, one of its developers, was arrested in Amsterdam. According to Netherland authorities, the developer

According to an official press release from FIOD, a financial crimes investigative agency based in the Netherlands:

“On Wednesday, 10 August, the FIOD arrested a 29-year-old man in Amsterdam. He is suspected of involvement in concealing criminal financial flows and facilitating money laundering through the mixing of cryptocurrencies through the decentralized Ethereum mixing service Tornado Cash.”

Tornado Cash also has its cryptocurrency called TORN, which has seen a substantial decline in value over the past week. TORN dropped from a high of $30 to a low of $10, dropping to a third of its price in less than a week.

Due to the utilization of crypto mixing services by criminals and large-scale hacking groups, the government is rightfully cracking down on such services, which operate under the guise of providing users with financial privacy. While they offer a degree of privacy for those seeking to conceal funds on the blockchain, many criminals seem to utilize the same services to launder millions in stolen funds.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any services.

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NFT Show Europe Maps Out the Metaverse by Connecting Blockchain Innovators With Immersive Digital Artists

NFTSE 2022

Valencia August 12th, 2022: During the weekend of the 17th and 18th of September, the Mediterranean city of Valencia will host the first edition of NFT Show Europe (#NFTSE22). This leading-edge event plans to ‘map out the metaverse’ by connecting blockchain innovators with world-class immersive digital artists.

Conceived as an accelerator for metaverse creativity, #NFTSE22 shakes up the traditional conference format with experimental and interactive art, robotic screen choreographies, and VR experiences. The event is attracting technologists, brands, and investors keen to understand the potential of this explosive new industry.

“Visitors will have the chance to jump into virtual reality or participate in creating collaborative works with some of today’s most sought-after artists,” explains Patrick Cyrus, Marketing Manager of #NFTSE22.

“They can use custom #NFTSE22 AR filters, experience metaverse installations, or mint exclusive interactive NFTs. It’s a celebration of today’s latest innovations and the place where tomorrow’s key collaborations will be made.”

Confirmed #NFTSE22 speakers include:

  • Hide Uehara, Director of Business Development for Square Enix (Final Fantasy)
  • Sam Hamilton, Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation
  • Takayaki Suzuki, Head of Mobile at MTV Japan
  • Laurent Perello, TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor
  • Zancan, the highest-selling artist on the Tezos network
  • Kim Asendorf, the creator of the first animated GIF sent into deep space and the creator of one of the most known pixel sorting algorithms.
  • Ganbrood, Jenni Pasanen, Sofia Crespo, and Ivona Tau are GAN and Artificial Intelligence art pioneers, pushing the boundaries of machine-artist creativity.

Surfing the Metaverse Wave in a Bear Market

In just a few days, visitors from more than twenty countries registered for #NFTSE22. The organizers see the wave of interest in metaverse as driving ticket sales for the event, with brands and investors looking to solidify partnerships during the bear market.

“The community is more active than ever and looking to make new connections before we enter the next bull phase,” adds Cyrus.

The tickets for #NFTSE22 are available online in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, including ETH and Tezos.

More about NFT Show Europe #NFTSE22

#NFTSE22 will be held in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. After being selected as the World Design Capital and the home of the finals of the Davis Cup, the city is positioned as one of the most attractive event cities in Europe.

#NFTSE22’s first edition is sponsored by essential names such as HP, Polkadot, Zeroframe, Innoarea, Unique Networks, BaumBuddy, and Bitnovo, among others. It is set to become the leading European meeting point for digital art, NFT artists, collectors, and blockchain innovators.

Official Website: https://nftshoweurope.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftshoweurope

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. NullTX is an official media sponsor of NFT Show Europe.

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $25 Million to Watch in August 2022

Metaverse crypto coins below $25 million market cap august 2022 nulltx

While the bear market has been tough on all crypto assets, the past several weeks have been exceptionally bullish for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Metaverse crypto coins in particular. Despite the adverse market conditions, Metaverse and NFT projects continue to build their ecosystems and provide genuine utility to the market. Today we look at NullTX’s pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $25 million to watch in August 2022.

Note: The list below is ordered by the current market capitalization of each project, lowest to highest.

#3 Star Atlas (ATLAS)

  • Market Capitalization: $16.6M
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $2.1M
  • Unit Price: $0.007717
  • Network: Solana

Launched in September 2021, Star Atlas (ATLAS) is one of the most anticipated Solana-based Metaverse crypto projects building a space-themed Metaverse allowing users to explore its vast RPG-themed open world.

star atlas metaverse game

Star Atlas revolves around political domination, space exploration, and territorial conquest in a unique, never-before-seen blockchain-based game integrated with Solana.

Set in the distant future in the 27th century, Star Atlas will enable users to fly their spaceships equipped with futuristic technology and roam the world. While the Star Atlas digital world is still developing, users can explore the various in-game assets available on its NFT marketplace.

You can connect to the Star Atlas dApp via a Web3 Solana-based wallet like Phantom and start trading NFTs immediately. The platform features a unique order book style NFT market enabling interested collectors and players to place bids on the various NFTs.

With the current market capitalization of $16 million, Star Atlas is at an all-time low, and we recommend keeping a close eye on the project and its ATLAS token in August 2022.

ATLAS is the native utility asset for Star Atlas. The ecosystem also features the native governance token, POLIS, which gives holders voting power to the Star Atlas DAO, which shapes the project’s future.

You can purchase ATLAS on most Solana-based exchanges like Raydium, FTX, and other centralized and decentralized platforms like Kraken, Gate.io, LBank, PancakeSwap, MEXC, etc.

#2 Victoria VR (VR)

  • Market Capitalization: $17.3M
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $13M
  • Unit Price: $0.02324
  • Network: Ethereum

Launched in December 2021, Victoria VR (VR), aka Victoria Virtual Revolution, is building an ultra-realistic Metaverse with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. It’s a highly underrated project with an ambitious goal of providing a robust ecosystem for its players to earn rewards in the game, own virtual real estate, and much more.

NullTX Victoria VR

Victoria’s Metaverse will feature an RPG-enabled experience for players to immerse themselves in, participate in various activities, make friends, and much more.

While the project is still developing, the team opened up its alpha to select testers in May, showcasing their product and what they’ve been building. In addition, the team has made their presence known at several conferences, showcasing their product and spreading awareness about their upcoming MMORPG.

With the current market capitalization of $17.3 million and an exceptionally high trading volume of $12.8 million, Victoria VR has tremendous long-term potential and is a must-watch in August 2022.

VR is the primary utility asset for the platform, an ERC-20 token living on the Ethereum blockchain. VR enables users to stake it for rewards, purchase virtual real estate, and will power the platform’s Metaverse.

You can buy VR tokens on Huobi Global, LATOKEN, Orion Protocol ETH, Phemex, Uniswap, Gate.io, etc.

#1 Highstreet (HIGH)

  • Market Capitalization: $24.7M
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $5.6M
  • Unit Price: $2.01
  • Network: BNB Chain

Launched in October 2021, Highstreet (HIGH) is another highly underrated Metaverse crypto project integrating NFTs and DeFi into its ecosystem to build a robust RPG-themed experience. Unlike Star Atlas, produced on Solana, and Victoria VR, which lives on Ethereum, Highstreet is a BNB Chain project, with its HIGH token living on the BNB Chain.

highstreet metaverse

Highstreet also features a unique NFT marketplace. Its distinctive feature is that the NFTs can be redeemed for physical products and can be staked to earn rewards in NFT-based tokens specific to the collection.

Moreover, Highstreet features an IHO (Initial Home Offering) platform, where users can explore virtual real estate and purchase it either directly on the platform or on secondary BNB-chain marketplaces.

Like Star Atlas, Highstreet features a dual token ecosystem consisting of HIGH and STREET tokens. While HIGH coins are governance assets, STREET tokens can be used as the native utility asset for the Highstreet Metaverse.

With a current market cap of $24.7 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $5.6 million, HIGH has tremendous long-term potential and excellent community support. We recommend keeping a close eye on this project in August 2022 and beyond.

You can purchase HIGH on Binance, MEXC, PancakeSwap, LBank, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any Metaverse crypto coins.

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Crypto Market Update for August 12th – Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Test Support

crypto market update august 12th nulltx

Cryptocurrency markets are retracing this Friday slightly as Bitcoin and Ethereum prices test new support levels. BTC is trading at $23.8k after rising to a high of $24.8k, while Ethereum is trading at $1.8k after peaking at $1.9k on Thursday. As expected during the weekend, the 24-hour trading volume for both crypto assets also slightly declined.

Crypto Market Update

Let’s look at relevant cryptocurrency market news which could be affecting the price during the next several days:

BlackRock Launches Bitcoin Trust

In a blog post on August 11th, BlackRock announced that it’s launching a private Bitcoin trust for its clients. The news comes after the asset management company’s announcement last week of a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, providing additional exposure for institutional and retail investors to crypto markets.

With the recent news, BlackRock is shifting its focus on crypto markets, which could potentially catapult Bitcoin and Ethereum to new heights as the bear market trend reverses and institutional investors decide to start opening long-term positions in various crypto assets.

July’s CPI Data Fuels This Week’s Bull Run

On August 10th, July’s CPI data revealed a net-zero increase, marking the first time prices remained steady this year. According to the report:

“The gasoline index fell 7.7 percent in July and offset increases in the food and shelter indexes, resulting in the all items index being unchanged over the month. The energy index fell 4.6 percent over the month as the indexes for gasoline and natural gas declined, but the index for electricity increased. The food index continued to rise, increasing 1.1 percent over the month as the food at home index rose 1.3 percent.”

We could start seeing inflation decrease in the following months as the Fed’s monetary policy seems to have curbed rising prices. July’s CPI data caused a significant upside for stocks and cryptocurrencies, which could push through next week.

Bitfinex Under Investigation Once Again

Bitfinex can’t avoid investigations over its operations in the U.S. as the company is again facing an inquiry about its userbase. According to Twitter user @oleh86, Bitfinex is in legal proceedings with the U.S. as the DOJ (Department of Justice) denied his Freedom of Information request about BitFinex because it could impair court proceedings. The user published the FOIA denial on Twitter which can be viewed below:

Despite the potential ongoing investigation and legal battle with the government, Tether remains pegged at $1. This isn’t the first time Bitfinex has been under investigation from U.S. authorities, as the company faced extensive legal trouble in 2021 when the Attorney General required Bitfinex to end all activity in New York, citing:

“The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) found that iFinex — the operator of Bitfinex — and Tether made false statements about the backing of the “tether” stablecoin, and about the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars between the two companies to cover up the truth about massive losses by Bitfinex.”

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency markets remain healthy and continue to trade above the $1 trillion market cap. We’re likely to see Bitcoin and Ethereum attempt to test support at current levels and trading volume to decline over the weekend.

The next move will likely come on Monday, when BTC and ETH could attempt to establish momentum for a new rally once again, with BTC pushing towards $25k and ETH trying to break its three-month high of $2k.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any stocks.

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Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $50 Million to Watch in August 2022

Cryptocurrency markets are showing significant upside this week as Bitcoin and Ethereum prices manage to break past their monthly highs. Metaverse crypto coins also capitalize on the positive market momentum, with many showing double-digit percent price increases. This article looks at NullTX’s pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $50 million to watch in August 2022, ordered by the current market capitalization, lowest to highest.

#3 Wilder World (WILD) – $44M

Launched in May 2021, Wilder World (WILD) is a highly underrated Metaverse project building its digital realm with Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 5. Wilder World will provide outstanding graphics and an immersive experience unparalleled by anything on the market right now.

wilder world homepage featured

One could compare the Wilder World Metaverse to Rockstar’s GTA since it offers a robust ecosystem and world for players to explore, build their characters, and earn rewards. The possibilities are endless in Wilder World’s RPG-themed world, and it’s one of the most anticipated projects.

While Wilder World is still in its early stages, users can explore the platform’s in-game NFT marketplace, which enables users to purchase various digital assets such as vehicles, real estate, clothes, accessories, and much more.

There are expensive and cheap items on the Wilder World NFT marketplace, and we recommend checking them out if you haven’t yet. You can connect to the market via a Web3 wallet like MetaMask and explore it free of charge.

Wilder World is highly undervalued, with a current market capitalization of $44 million. The project rose from a low of $17 million market cap in June and has seen tremendous growth over the past month, making it a must-watch in August 2022.

WILD is the primary utility asset for the platform, enabling users to interact with the Wilder World ecosystem, purchase NFTs, and much more. WILD in an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can buy WILD on KuCoin, Uniswap, BitMart, LATOKEN, Huobi Global, Gate.io, etc.

#2 Metahero (HERO) – $44M

Launched in July 2021, Metahero (HERO) is one of crypto’s most underrated and highly-ambitious Metaverse crypto projects. It’s looking to build an ultra-realistic Metaverse enabling users to scan themselves and other real-world objects into the virtual realm.

metahero featured nulltx

Partnering with Wolf Digital World, the 3D 4K Photogrammetric scanning technology leader, Metahero aims to achieve its vision of placing scanning stations worldwide.

WDW is utilized by popular gaming studios like CD Project, the team behind Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher Series.

Moreover, Metahero features its Everdome project, which represents its Metaverse. While Metahero has the HERO utility asset, Everdome features the DOME token. Both comprise the Metahero ecosystem and will provide robust utility for users.

HERO is a BEP-20 BNB Chain token enabling users to pay for scanning services, interact with the Metaverse platform, and much more.

With a current market capitalization of $44 million and a unit price of $0.008, HERO makes for a perfect low-priced and low market cap project to keep an eye on in August 2022.

You can purchase the HERO token on KuCoin, Crypto.com, Biswap, LBank, PancakeSwap, Gate.io, etc.

#1 Starlink (STARL) – $48M

Launched in June 2021, Starlink (STARL) is a top-rated space-themed Metaverse building its game with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. It features a unique experience, including spaceship battles where users can explore the open world, collect resources, take on battles, level up their characters, and earn rewards.

crypto metaverse coins

Starlink recently launched its open beta, where users can finally check out its Metaverse. We recommend checking out NullTX’s review of Starlink if you’d like an in-depth look at its Metaverse.

In addition to its Metaverse game, Starlink features an OpenSea collection for its PixelNauts NFTs, the first volume of the project’s “Artist Profile Series.” If you want to stand out in the Starlink Metaverse and show off a unique profile picture, consider purchasing a PixelNaut NFT. In addition, the NFTs will provide exclusive access to various features of the StarLink Metaverse.

With a current market capitalization of $48 million and an extremely low unit price of $0.000004826, STARL is a must-watch in August 2022.

The native utility asset for the project is the STARL token, an ERC-20 digital asset living on the Ethereum blockchain. STARL will be the primary token powering the StarLink ecosystem and provide users with several in-game utilities when the complete product launches.

You can purchase STARL on LBank, ShibaSwap, LATOKEN, Uniswap, Gate.io, OKX, HitBTC, MEXC, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any Metaverse crypto coins.

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Ethereum Price Rises Past $1,900, Nearing 3-Month High Amid CPI Data Release

Ethereum price CPI data

Ethereum prices rose past $1,900 today, nearing 3-month highs. After yesterday’s release of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) data for July, which revealed no change last month, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum saw significant upside this Thursday. Combined with the upcoming network merge for Ethereum, ETHUSD continues to outperform Bitcoin daily, nearing the 50% market cap of BTCUSD.

Ethereum’s Market Cap Approached 50% of Bitcoin

With this week’s excellent performance for Ethereum, despite Coinbase’s Q2 earnings report registering a $1.1 billion loss, ETH’s market cap is approaching half of Bitcoin’s. Where it stands now, Ethereum is valued at $234 billion, compared to Bitcoin’s $472 billion. We could see Ethereum overtake half of Bitcoin’s market capitalization in the next several days if the current performance continues.

Once Ethereum overtakes half of Bitcoin’s market cap, that would be the first step to additional gains. ETH could start building its next significant rally past 75% of BTC’s value.

Ethereum has been amplifying Bitcoin’s gains and mitigating Bitcoin’s losses for several weeks, contributing to higher prices and faster recovery. While Bitcoin just now peaked past its 1-month high, Ethereum is looking to surpass its 3-month high of $2k in the next several days.

Favorable CPI Data Causing Significant Upside

The Consumer Price Index released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the average change over time in the prices consumers pay for goods and services. It provides a gauge for analysts on how the economy is progressing and is an essential indicator of the rise or fall of inflation.

When CPI numbers increase and signal rising prices and inflation, it negatively affects markets. On the other hand, CPI data showing a decrease in the prices of goods and services signals a recovering economy and positively affects markets.

Yesterday’s CPI data showed that prices remained relatively unchanged in July, with gas and energy prices even registering a fall of 7% and 4%, respectively.

According to the report:

“The gasoline index fell 7.7 percent in July and offset increases in the food and shelter indexes, resulting in the all items index being unchanged over the month. The energy index fell 4.6 percent
over the month as the indexes for gasoline and natural gas declined, but the index for electricity increased. The food index continued to rise, increasing 1.1 percent over the month as the food at home index rose 1.3 percent.”

While prices for food and shelter did increase, they were offset by the decrease in gas and energy prices. This is the first time CPI data showed a net-zero change this year, creating hope for a potential economic recovery.

It’s still too early to tell whether the bear market is over. However, it’s clear that the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes over the past several months have helped the economy to recover.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any stocks.

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Top 10 DeFi Tokens to Watch in August 2022

top defi tokens august 2022

Decentralized finance systems have allowed users to borrow, save, lend, or trade cryptocurrency without the need for the usual paperwork and red tape present in traditional financial markets.

In addition to other niche crypto assets like Web3 coins, Metaverse crypto coins, and NFT projects, the current degree of popularity has many people seeing DeFi tokens as a reliable investment opportunity. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top ten finest decentralized finance coins you can invest in during August 2022, just in time for the next boom in decentralized finance.

SushiSwap  (SUSHI)

  • Market Cap: $201M
  • Unit Price: $1.59

SushiSwap (SUSHI) is a token and platform powered by Ethereum. It facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies via decentralized methods by leveraging the automated market maker (AMM) concept.

  • At its core, SushiSwap may be seen as a piece of software that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the operation of this platform’s purpose and the layout of its infrastructure were conceived to encourage the formation of a user community that serves as a marketplace for users’ crypto assets.
  • As a platform, SushiSwap offers users of the DeFi cryptocurrency access to services such as staking and yield farming.

Aave (AAVE)

  • Market Cap: $1.5B
  • Unit Price: $111.17

Aave (AAVE) is an open-source system that does not include custodial services. But it can borrow and also earn interest.

  • Aave is built on top of the blockchain that Ethereum uses. And it works when the decentralized network of computers has the software running to manage assets, with the use of that protocol for the generation of smart contracts.
  • Any person with an AAVE token does not have to pay any costs when they take out loans denominated in the token, and they also get a discount on any other fees levied inside the platform.

Uniswap (UNI)

  • Market Cap: $6.8B
  • Unit Price: $9.24

The most widely used decentralized exchange is known as Uniswap. Over the course of the last three years, it has handled transactions totaling more than one trillion dollars.

  • The maintenance and exchange of cryptocurrencies directly purchased and sold by traders are rewarded via a worldwide network of users. To accomplish this goal, Uniswap makes use of several different liquidity pools.
  • Users that invest in Uniswap’s native cryptocurrency token, known as UNI, have the opportunity to influence how the network is run and profit from an increase in the value of the DEX as it evolves.

Maker (MKR)

  • Market Cap: $1B
  • Unit Price: $1,109

The Maker protocol is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most popular and lucrative decentralized lending systems. In addition, it is the home of the widely used DAI stable currency and was one of the first decentralized sites to accept DAO governance.

  • The primary function of the MKR token is to guarantee that the value of DAI will continue to be anchored to the dollar. Using two different cryptocurrencies simultaneously helps reduce volatility and offers customers more protection inside the project.
  • It is anticipated that Maker’s token values will skyrocket due to the enormous popularity of the project and the widespread support it has received from the cryptocurrency community.

Yearn.Finance (YFI)

  • Market Cap: $421M
  • Unit Price: $11,502

The primary objective of YFI is to provide users with the tools necessary to maximize all of the revenue they may make from Crypto assets, including loan and trading services.

  • The YFI token is a wonderful one that investors may purchase since it helps them diversify their long-term portfolios.
  • Therefore you should consider it to be the finest DeFi cryptocurrency to purchase. The vast majority of experts covering the cryptocurrency market have predicted that by the turn of the decade, the price of YFI tokens will have surpassed $400,000.

InstaDApp (INST)

  • Market Cap: $18M
  • Unit Price: $1.04

InstaDApp (INST) is a decentralized application that enables simple asset monitoring and administration by integrating the DeFi protocol into a single platform.

  • InstaDApp is a decentralized application that bridges and links a variety of decentralized web protocols together.
  • At Genesis, one hundred million tokens were created and are scheduled to be distributed over the next four years. 55 percent of them are designated for the community and incentives program.

Compound (COMP)

  • Market Cap: $472M
  • Unit Price: $65.59

Compound is an industry-leading crypto ending and stalking platform that allows users to earn interest on ETH and ERC tokens they have staked. It enables you to take out loans secured by the staked cryptocurrency at an exceptionally competitive rate with adjustable payback terms.

  • Users also have a built-in incentive to keep the token since they can decide how the platform will develop in the future.
  • Even though the market is now experiencing a fall, this has helped to keep COMP cryptocurrencies on a steady ascent. It has also assisted in the growth of its market valuation, which reached a high point of $4.4 billion.

Curve Finance (CRV)

  • Market Cap: $720M
  • Unit Price: $1.37

Because it focuses on the transaction of stablecoins, the decentralized exchange known as Curve Finance is one of a kind. Curve allows its customers to lock up cryptocurrency and make them accessible to other users for trading.

  • The CRV token was designed to fulfill the function of a governance medium, provide a framework for providing incentives, and function as a way to pay fees.
  • Curve demonstrated its resiliency by recovering a significant portion of the market surge in 2021. Because of this, the only reason it sells at such low prices is that the market is continuing to decrease.

Balancer (BAL)

  • Market Cap: $267M
  • Unit Price: $6.26

Balancer (BAL) is an automated market maker that allows almost anybody to establish or add liquidity to trading pools. In doing so, users can earn trading fees that may be tailored to their specific needs.

  • At its core, Balancer is a trading platform that eliminates the need for a third-party financial middleman by using a variety of cryptocurrency assets.
  • The primary reason why BAL is a recommended investment is that it is an integral element of the distribution of activities inside Balancer’s ecosystem.

Loopring (LRC)

  • Market Cap: $613M
  • Unit Price: $0.4613

Loopring is a hybrid decentralized trading technology that is open-source and distributed. It is mainly due to its ability to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • It caters to a trend gaining traction in the cryptocurrency world and helps speed up the adoption of DEXs.
  • Loopring is a multi-chain protocol that may be hosted on the Ethereum, NEO, or QUANT blockchains, respectively.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any DeFi tokens.

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PIXXTASY Project – Don’t use. Just own it.

pixxtasy press release nulltx

Introduction to PIXXTASY

PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, a man who overcame two-year drug addiction and has since become a serious anti-drug advocate. His dedication to the anti-drug cause and cryptocurrency and blockchain technology formed this project to help fund drug recovery programs and NGOs by selling NFTs.

PIXXTASY has two main taglines: “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT.” And “BE A HEALER,” advocating against drug use and helping others quit.

Zoltán Egri’s Story and Vision

The creator of PIXXTASY has described how everything in his life has led up to creating the world’s first anti-drug NFT collection:

“As a brand manager, I have been working from home, and the epidemic has given me time to observe what direction the world is heading towards; this direction is the NFT. Art has always provided me with a different perspective, I’ve created digital content and aim to continue making more. I’ve been through a lot, I was an employee, a manager, a 5-minute star, a lover, a cheater, a rich person, a drug addict, and then I got clean. PIXXTASY was formed due to the combination of events from my life.” – Zoltán Egri (translated and adjusted for English)

PIXXTASY’s goal is to reach out to rehabilitation centers and NGOs that help drug addicts recover; previously, these centers and NGOs have struggled to have a strong presence in online communities. Giving up drugs and opting for recovery is a complex and lengthy process requiring much support.  

Donations, Whitelist and Minting NFTs

The funds earned through NFT sales will help charities dealing with anti-drug campaigns and drug recovery programs to run and reach more people. PIXXTASY will support the work of 11 non-profit organizations and rehabilitation centers globally using $1,000,000 of the project’s proceeds. The fund would be donated based on the frequency of NFT sales, and a random lottery of donors will be held to determine which organization receives the money.

PIXXTASY’s NFT collection will drop in small quantities (333 + 33 + 33 NFTS in different drops), with NFTs feeling premium and high quality. People interested in purchasing PIXXTASY NFTs can sign up for the whitelist, which starts on the 31st of August 2022; those who sign up have a chance of being selected and allowed to purchase one of PIXXTASY’s NFTs. The NFTs are limited edition and hand-drawn by a professional artist, making them more desirable than mass-produced NFTs.

KingIT Solutions and PIXXTASY:

KingIT Solutions aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). KingIT Solutions primarily designs and creates Mobile and Web Applications, websites, and web shops, while also helping with Digital Marketing and Content Production.

KingIT Solutions and its CEO Edvard Bene are working closely with the PIXXTASY project as the Business Development Advisor, creating the project’s website, supporting marketing, and developing NFTs for the project.

The artwork is designed to look like current pop culture icons, such as Hello Kitty, Bitcoin, Star Wars, and many others, which is also the basis for PIXXTASY’s NFTs; relatable yet unique. The other reason for these designs is that real drugs are often shaped into pop culture icons. This allows PIXXTASY to raise awareness of what illegal drugs can look like and their associated dangers due to unknown contents.


Beerseewalk, aka BSW, is a famous Hungarian hip-hop group that has been making music for over 12 years. They have partnered with PIXXTASY to promote and support the project, working to bring together crypto, music, NFTs, and PIXXTASY’s anti-drug goal. 


The modernization of methods for socializing has allowed for a shift from real-life physical socializing to digital socializing, giving way to positive and negative aspects, like a black market for goods such as drugs that people can purchase anonymously.

Younger people are earning their own money and not relying on their parents or others. These young people are at risk because they can be inexperienced, naïve, curious, and influential, making them an easy target for drug use. The gap between the younger generation and drug recovery needs to be modernized to be able to help as many people as possible.

Website: https://pixxtasy.io/

PIXXTASY Discord: https://discord.com/invite/KKgWGuWgZR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixxtasy.nft/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixxtasy

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pixxtasy/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixxtasy.nft

KingIT Solutions Website: https://www.kingitsolutions.net/en/

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

Crypto Market Update for August 10th – Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Hold Support, Coinbase Q2 Earnings Report Reveals $1.1B in Losses

bitcoin ethereum crypto market update august 10th

Cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of life this Wednesday as Bitcoin and Ethereum manage to hold support and register single-digit percent gains. Bitcoin is trading at $24.1k, and Ethereum is up at the $1.8k level, approaching 50% of BTC’s market capitalization. Today’s big news is Coinbase’s Q2 earnings report which revealed the company lost over $1.1 billion last quarter.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Show Bullish Momentum

This week has been bullish for both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. Bitcoin’s price managed to hold through yesterday’s correction to the $23k support level and is rising again this morning, up 3.59% in the past 24 hours, trading at $24.1k. The 24-hour trading volume for Bitcoin is also increasing, up 13% in the past day.

When it comes to Ethereum, it’s amplifying Bitcoin’s movements, with a 24-hour gain of 9% and an increase in today’s trading volume of 20%. Ethereum’s market capitalization of $222 billion is approaching half of Bitcoin’s $506 billion market cap, as ETHUSD manages to outperform BTCUSD daily.

Coinbase Q2 Earnings Report Reveals $1.1B in Losses

Coinbase’s letter to shareholders revealed that the company lost $1.1 billion in Q2 2022. The losses don’t come as a surprise as the crypto winter was evident for everyone.

The letter is split into six chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Crypto is cyclical
  • Chapter 2: Down markets create financial headwinds, with are reflected in our Q2 results
  • Chapter 3: Coinbase is adjusting to market conditions
  • Chapter 4: Building for the future and excited by product momentum
  • Chapter 5: Strong capital and risk position
  • Chapter 6: Outlook

Q2 has been a challenging quarter for cryptocurrency, and traditional finance companies as the state of the U.S. economy declined significantly this year.

The good news is that cryptocurrency markets are cyclical and following every bear market comes a bull market. The companies that survive the challenging period will reap the fruits of their labor during the harvest season, aka the bull market.

Coinbase revealed that in response to the crypto winter, the company had downsized its employee base by over 18%, letting go of more than 1,100 workers last quarter. While it may not have been the best PR for Coinbase when news broke out of rescinding job offers and downsizing its team, it was necessary to respond to the rapidly declining market conditions last quarter.

The company’s outlook regarding crypto markets remains bullish, which spells good news for long-term crypto holders and investors.

The letter also touches on Coinbase’s efforts to enter the Web3 market, citing:

“We are excited about the potential of Web3 and look forward to playing our part in helping policymakers develop workable and clear regulations that enable its development.”

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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POSS TOKEN to Be Listed on BitMart Exchange


The Posschain team is both humbled and delighted to announce that the Poss token will be listed on BitMart Exchange.

The POSS token will permit users to transact with others on the blockchain and pay for all utility fees in the ecosystem. The platform can use the token for governance, staking, transactions, smart contracts, and validator rewards.

As investors have been anticipating which exchange Poss token will be listed, the team has announced that a BitMart listing has long been one of their goals to enable as many people as possible worldwide to buy and hold POSS TOKEN while also adding liquidity to the coin and network.

The team has been in touch with BitMart’s administrators for quite some time and went through a pervasive due diligence process. Being a part of such a procedure and obtaining such confirmation makes the team very satisfied, knowing that BitMart will set such a high standard of professionalism.

The Poss token will be listed on BitMart. This will be Poss token’s first exchange platform once the sale event is completed.

The Posschain team has been precise in choosing its first platform to list its token to enable a hassle-free user transaction and enhance the token’s value when it finally gets listed. The team mentioned that they owe much appreciation to their community, which put them on the radar of decision-makers in BitMart.

The team has also mentioned that new listings are on the way and are in contact with many exchanges for new listing news.

  • Poss token staying power
  • How will the listing work?
  • Why did the project choose BitMart as its first exchange platform?
  • When will the listing take place?
  • Poss token Listing price
  • Transaction fees
  • Conclusion


The team has been dedicated to ensuring the thriving of the Posschain project. The Poss technology, built to provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack, will eventually be the next colossal altcoin. Regardless of the project being in its last ICO round, It’s pretty apparent that POSSCHAIN will stand the test of time. The staying power of the Poss token project is sturdy as negotiations with the exchange platform BitMart have been completed; this will definitely be enormous for investors who joined earlier in the ICO.

The POSSCHAIN Team also mentioned that the new exchange news is coming.

How will the listing work?

BitMart Exchange will list the Poss token.

Users can effortlessly trade POSS native coins for ERC20/BEP2 tokens through the Posschain Bridge on BitMart Exchange.

Why did Posschain choose BitMart as its first Exchange platform?

BitMart is an international cryptocurrency exchange that enables users in 180+ countries to purchase and sell over 1,000 digital currencies and tokens. BitMart provides all the features you’d anticipate from a global crypto exchange.

CEX exchanges procure a user-friendly protocol that stimulates the purchase and surveillance of digital assets.

The team stated that they chose BitMart because it offers developed charting, numerous order types, including market and limit orders, futures trading, and low trading fees. Additionally, BitMart has an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk for institutional investors.

This will enable the investors to trade potentially with no drawback.

To learn more about BitMart, visit their website at www.BitMart.com and download the BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.

Transaction fees

BitMart is the exchange with one of the lowest trading fees in the market, which is one of the fundamental reasons the team also nominated the exchange.


The future of Posschain is highly luminous as it is on its way to becoming a well-known altcoin. With the abrupt surge of the project, one can tell the token will eventually break the market price record. Considering the anticipated listing price, Diamond hands indeed never fail. There is no doubt about Poss token joining the league of prominent and promising altcoins. While Investors missed out on similar prominent projects in the past few years, POSSCHAIN has seemed to create an opportunity for redemption.

For all of Posschain’s updates and to join the conversation, be sure to check these channels:

Website: https://www.Posschain.com

Telegram: https://t.me/Posschain

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Posschain

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Posschain

Whitepaper: https://Posschain.com/Posschain-whitepaper.pdf

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

Traffic Summit – Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry

traffic summit turkey istanbul

Turkey is one of the most appealing business hubs. Thousands of attendees and the world’s top experts in 10+ professional fields, including performance, affiliate, and crypto marketing. And this is just the “tip of an iceberg” of the Traffic Summit conference.

The two-day event program of Traffic Summit is tailored to maintain the perfect balance between ingesting expert-level knowledge, diving into various networking opportunities, and enjoying world-class entertainment. Traffic Summit will bring experts from all over the world together in Istanbul on September 28-29.

The Traffic Summit team attaches great importance to choosing locations. On the first day of the event, the TS Expo will be held at one of the most gorgeous congress halls in Istanbul. On the day of the event, Haliç will turn into a digital universe with partners and exhibitors space, reports from the industry’s top names, photo zones, and lounges in the open air.

Among the international experts who will speak at the Traffic Summit stage are Amin Siala, growth consultant, Google; Todor Minev, CEO of Hyperzon Inc.; Maor Benaim, Owner of Wolf Marketing; Zach Benson, Founder of Assistagram, and others.

Traffic Summit day two is called TS Island. More than a thousand experts will visit a private island of unique beauty for networking and participating in panel discussions. And all this will take place on the beach with a great view!

traffic summit turkey istanbul nulltx

Overall, the event will include:

  • Networking with 3500+ like-minded specialists;
  • Huge expo zone with 80+ booths from leading brands;
  • 30+ papers from the top-level speakers;
  • Mind-blowing parties at the end of TS Expo and TS Island;

Every attendee will find himself surrounded by the world’s top digital marketers representing lead generation, SMM, crypto, content marketing, SEO, performance marketing, and many other tracks of high demand.

At the end of the event, the organizers will hold a ceremony of handing rewards to the World Traffic Award winners on the private island where the Island Afterparty will take place. WTA is an international prize for truly outstanding reps of the digital industry. The first round is a selection by a vote among the community. Then, the organizers form the final shortlist, including those who gained the most appreciation. The community will select the winners.

Have you bought your ticket yet? Go to the Traffic Summit website and use the promo code NULLTX15 – it goes with a 15% discount on all existing packages. 

Join the conference and take over the digital industry with Traffic Summit!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before attending any event or investing in any project.

Crypto Market Update – Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Drop 4%, U.S. Treasury Sanctions Tornado Cash

crypto market update august 9th

After a bull run on Monday, where Bitcoin and Ethereum prices saw a significant upside, the cryptocurrency market is looking for support as BTC and ETH are down 3-4%. The good news is the trading volume for Bitcoin and Ethereum remains high, signaling ample momentum in the market for additional bullish movement later this week. Let’s look at any relevant crypto market news influencing the price action.

Crypto Market Update

Last week’s big news was Coinbase’s partnership with BlackRock. The integration of Coinbase Prime with BlackRocks’ Aladdin platform will expose cryptocurrencies to the trillions in assets under the investment management company’s control, which could fuel the next significant crypto bull run.

In response to the partnership announcement, Coinbase’s shares skyrocketed, rallying by over 30% in the past five days. The company saw minor gains of 2-3% last week regarding BlackRock’s shares.

While the BlackRock partnership benefits Coinbase, its earnings report scheduled to be released today will likely reveal substantial losses due to the brutal crypto winter of Q2 2022. As such, Coinbase shares might drop as the week progresses.

In other news, the U.S. Treasury sanctioned Tornado Cash, a virtual currency mixer popular among criminals and hackers looking to obfuscate their cryptocurrency. According to the press release published on August 8th:

“Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash, which has been used to launder more than $7 billion worth of virtual currency since its creation in 2019.”

The press release stated that the U.S. Treasury would continue to pursue aggressive action against cryptocurrency mixer services providing a safe haven for criminals and those who assist them.

The purpose of mixing services is to increase users’ privacy, especially those looking to break transaction history provided via the blockchain. Using a mixing service enables users to hide the source and destination of cryptocurrency.

Mixing services like Tornado Cash are popular among anonymous cryptocurrency projects, which aren’t necessarily criminal in nature. However, criminals and hackers utilize these same services to launder millions in stolen cryptocurrency, separating victims from their funds with no recourse or action after the fact.

When it comes to the Treasury’s action regarding Tornado Cash and how it affects United States citizens, the press release states:

“All transactions by U.S. persons or within (or transiting) the United States that involve any property or interests in property of designated or otherwise blocked persons are prohibited unless authorized by a general or specific license issued by OFAC, or exempt.”

This means that starting August 8th, all United States users are prohibited from using Tornado Cash and sending funds to the platform. Since Tornado Cash is now part of the SDN list (Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List) employed by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), sending money to Tornado Cash, which supports the service, is strictly prohibited.

The sanction action ends with a reminder that the restrictions put in place are not meant to punish but look to bring about a positive behavior change.

For those looking to “mix” their cryptocurrency for legal purposes like starting a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency project, trading NFTs, etc., a better option would be to send your coins to a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Since exchanges have internal mixers, anybody doing simple blockchain analysis won’t be able to track your assets. Moreover, it’s not illegal to utilize a cryptocurrency exchange as a mixing service, which provides a great alternative to traditional mixing services.

The idea is to be able to avoid the average Joe on the internet tracking your balances, not to hide your cryptocurrency from regulatory agencies.

After all, if you utilize a cryptocurrency exchange as a mixing service, the exchange will have internal records of your transactions which the government could subpoena in case of illegal activity. However, if you’re not planning on doing any illicit activity, it’s not only more accessible and legal to use an exchange as a mixing service, but it’s almost much cheaper than the fees charged by services like Tornado Cash.

Moreover, do you really want to support a service utilized by criminals and hackers? Or do you want to support a legitimate cryptocurrency operation that’s the primary reason cryptocurrency is as widely accepted as it is today?

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any service.

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Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange Review 2022

What Is Bittrex

Bittrex Global is a cryptocurrency exchange that targets traders who already have a significant amount of experience in the industry. They started their business in 2011 and were based in Seattle, which is situated in the state of Washington in the United States; however, they have since moved their activities to Lichtenstein, which is located in Europe. They provide users access to over 250 digital assets through their powerful cryptocurrency trading engine, which has an intuitive user interface, various trading pairings, and simplified navigation.

bittrex crypto exchange

Bittrex also provides its customers with a collection of API keys, which may be included in trading bots to facilitate the processing of automated cryptocurrency transactions. One of the many compelling reasons to purchase this product is that it was established by individuals who previously held positions at Microsoft and Amazon. Bittrex is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges available today. It provides users with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and a range of straightforward options for getting started with cryptocurrency trading.

Key Features of Bittrex

Buy Crypto

The Instant Buy functionality that Bittrex provides is primarily responsible for the platform’s user-friendliness when it comes to the purchase of cryptocurrency. Instant Buy enables investors to buy several of the biggest cryptocurrencies using a debit card. You won’t be able to notice any costs at the beginning of this procedure; nevertheless, they will be shown in the form of a spread just before you submit your purchase.

bittrex crypto exchange

Primarily if you use a debit card to finance your purchase, this will almost always result in a substantially higher overall cost than would have been the case if you had just utilized Bittrex’s trading site. Because debit transactions incur an extra cost of 3 percent in addition to any fees your bank may charge, most investors would be best served by loading their accounts with free ACH transfers and rapidly learning how to operate a trading platform.

Is It Safe to Use Bittrex

It is generally agreed upon that Bittrex is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges now offered for trade on the market. They are one of just a handful of big exchanges that has never experienced any form of a security breach, which makes them one of the rarest. They store between 80 and 90 percent of their cash offline and use a multi-stage wallet mechanism to maximize their protection level.

They follow all of the requirements established for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and they check the IP addresses of user logins in case there is any suspicious activity. Any withdrawals and all uses of API keys are required to use two-factor authentication (2FA). You may be subject to rigorous withdrawal limits if you do not set up two-factor authentication. These limitations may be lifted in the future.

Trading on Bittrex

Bittrex allows trading, rapid buy and sells transactions, and services connected to automated trading. On the platform made available by the exchange, the conduct of standard spot trading is permitted to take place. Despite this, Bittrex does not provide any opportunities for trading using margin.

bittrex markets

At the moment, Bitcoin and Ethereum may be used on around 680 different markets. Users of Bittrex who are interested in engaging in cryptocurrency trading have access to more than 300 trading pairs to choose from. In addition, the platform provides sophisticated charting capabilities, live order books, and several other order types. This include orders such as limit, stop OCO, and trails. Because of these qualities, it can be an excellent choice for more experienced traders.


On its platform, the cryptocurrency exchange known as Bittrex does not provide any services connected to farming or lending. On the other side, customers can stake Cardano (ADA) for various rewards. Customers who stake ADA on the platform are entitled to a return of 5.5 percent of their initial investment. Individuals who can fulfill the conditions may earn Bittrex credits via another method: trading on the Bittrex site. When sufficient credits are obtained through the completion of authorized transactions, those credits may be used to reduce or eliminate the trading costs associated with purchasing additional cryptocurrencies.

Promotions and Referral Cards

Customers are given referral cards, which they are free to use to persuade their loved ones and friends to participate in the trade. Bittrex provides its users with a 10 percent return on the trading fees paid by friends who joined the site via the use of their personal referral code. Whether the incentives are distributed in fiat money or cryptocurrency depends on the currency the invitee opted to use when paying their trading fees on Bittrex.

Final Thoughts

Bittrex has an unparalleled reputation in the industry, and its security measures are second to none. In addition, the Bittrex exchange gives customers access to the broadest range of cryptocurrency trading options. One of the most appealing aspects of this company is the absence of any fees associated with making deposits or withdrawals. Consequently, the outstanding features and support that Bittrex offers to its users may prove to be of enormous use to them throughout their ventures into trading.

This cryptocurrency trading exchange can brag that it has never been the target of a hack since it was formed initially since it was constructed from the ground up with excellent security in mind from the very beginning. Another component that adds to Bittrex’s overall appeal is the platform’s user-friendliness in terms of its capabilities and UI.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any exchange.

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ETH Price Analysis – Ethereum Price Rises to $1,800 as Trading Volume Increases

Ethereum price prediction analysis august 8th nulltx

After an underwhelming performance this weekend, with Ethereum prices trading sideways within the $1,600-$1,700 range, ETH managed to break through the resistance and trade at $1,800. The global cryptocurrency market cap is up 5% today, currently at $1.137 trillion, and the 24-hour trading volume for ETHUSD is up by over 34%, currently at $14.4 billion. BTC’s dominance is still at 40%, but ETH’s excellent performance this Monday could start chipping away at BTC.

Ethereum Price Continues to Outperform Bitcoin

With the recent price hike, Ethereum is much closer to conquering Bitcoin’s 50% market cap. Ether continues to outperform Bitcoin regarding daily price hikes, up 5.26% today compared to BTC’s 3.86% rise.

Moreover, Ethereum is up over 8% this week, compared to Bitcoin’s 4% price hike. If this trend continues, Ethereum will soon reach 50% of Bitcoin’s valuation in its first milestone to potentially overthrow BTC as the most-valued crypto asset.

Bitcoin’s market cap is currently at $460 billion, compared to Ethereum’s $219 billion. Both crypto assets are performing exceptionally well this week, with credit given to increased market momentum and trading volume in the last several hours.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network vs. Ethereum’s Merge

Both blockchains have unique scaling solutions for the next paradigm of crypto adoption. Bitcoin’s lightning network is a unique scaling solution enabling off-chain transactions. Ethereum is looking to tackle scaling by adopting a proof-of-stake model and implementing a robust Layer-2 model such as Polygon.

With the network merge in September, Ethereum will introduce additional scaling solutions such as sharding and rollups, which offer increased throughput by splitting network activity across several chains.

It’s worth noting that given the current bear market, gas fees for simple token transfers on Ethereum are relatively low, nothing compared to the $100+ transaction fees during November of 2021 or during peak periods of popular mints like ApeCoin’s Otherside Meta, etc.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum continues outperforming BTC in terms of daily and weekly price action. If this trend continues, we’re likely to see ETH surpass the 50% mark of Bitcoin’s valuation, giving rise to additional bullish momentum and intensifying ETHUSD’s uptrend.

With the recent rise to $1,800, Ethereum has broken through its 1-month high, which is bound to create FOMO for traders.

Ethereum price
3M ETHUSD // Source: CoinMarketCap

The three-month high for Ethereum is still a ways away, and ETHUSD will need to break through $2,300 to claim a new peak. The digital asset is likely to face substantial resistance at the $2,000 level, and if the trading volume remains high, we could see ETH hit that range by the end of the week.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any service.

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