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Ethereum’s Market Dominance Surges As Bitcoin Consolidates After ETF Adoption

While Bitcoin’s price has been in a consolidation phase post ETF adoption, Ethereum is witnessing significant gains. Currently trading at $2,571, Ethereum’s market valuation has reached $308.97 billion, marking a 1.53% increase. According to Santiment data, Ethereum’s price dominance against Bitcoin has surged by +22.4% in the past week. This […]

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Rockets To Yearly Highs Surpassing $31 Amidst Bitcoin ETF Excitement

In a notable upswing, Ethereum Classic (ETC), positioned as the 21st largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has experienced a substantial surge following the announcement of the Bitcoin ETF. Soaring above $31, ETC achieved a yearly high at $31.99, reflecting an impressive gain of over 40%. The surge in trading volume, […]

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Whales Boost Ethereum Holdings With $1 Billion Accumulation Amid ETF Anticipation

During a recent market downturn, Ethereum whales capitalized on the opportunity, amassing an impressive $1 billion in holdings. Cryptocurrency analyst Ali’s data for December revealed a consistent upward trend, showcasing an increase of over 410,000 ETH in holdings by Ethereum whales. In the past month, #Ethereum whales bought over 410,000 […]

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Ethereum Market Dynamics: Bulls Vs. Bears Unveiled

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, exhibited a brief upswing today, instilling confidence among investors. However, a notable transaction occurred amid a marginal dip in the token’s value, shedding light on the ongoing battle between bullish and bearish sentiments. Paradigm, an institutional liquidity network, executed a deposit of 6,500 […]

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Ethereum’s Bullish Momentum Persists With Noteworthy Milestones, Top 150 Wallets Now Hold 56.25 Million ETH

As cryptocurrency prices experience an upward trend, Ethereum is making significant strides towards its local peak resistance level of $2,444. An intriguing aspect of this ascent is the notable absence of exchange whales, while substantial accumulation is observed among the largest non-exchange Ethereum whales. 🐳 #Ethereum has continued working its […]

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ETHEREUM PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (January 1) – ETH Continues to Lose Momentum After Facing Rejection, Big Drop Around The Corner? 

Ethereum advanced bullish this week and broke out to a new yearly high. But it saw a rejection and failed to sustain bullish momentum. The price slipped and now looks weak on the daily timeframe.  Following a quick recovery above the $2100 level in the mid-month, Ethereum’s price increased and […]