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CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (June 20) – Link Bounces Off A Key Support But No Enough Volume To Sustain Pressure

Once again, Chainlink LINK bounced off a key support area after several failed attempts to break it since the start of the year. A continuous increase above this support should bring the bulls back into the market. Late last month, Chainlink ended a five-week retracement move with a multiple rejection […]

Market Analysis

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (February 26) – Link Bounces After Retesting Monthly Break Level, Not Strong Enough To Bring The Bulls Back

Chainlink slipped slightly this week from a brief consolidation phase but later found support after retesting the monthly breakup level as support. The price is now facing up, charging for a fresh increase on the day.  After breaking out of an accumulation phase to touch $20.8 last week, Link traded […]

Market Analysis

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (February 17) – Chainlink Pauses Buying After Increasing By 30% In Two Weeks, Incoming Retracement?

Since the price broke out of an accumulation face two earlier this month, Chainlink LINK has been struggling to increase but has managed to reach a significant milestone for the first time in two years. It currently appears calm on the daily. The recent monthly break out of an accumulation […]

Market Analysis

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (February 8) – Link Faces Rejection After Breaking Out Of An Accumulation Phase, Pullback Lies Ahead

Chainlink recently broke out of an accumulation phase and is now up by 23% in seven days. It faced rejection and cooled off briefly. While the price remains strong, it may undergo a slight pullback to fuel a fresh increase. Following late January resurge from $13.3, Link climbed above the […]

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Chainlink $LINK, ImmutableX $IMX, And Pyth $PYTH Experience Significant Market Cap Growth

Chainlink, ImmutableX, and Pyth have all witnessed remarkable growth in market capitalization over the past week, with Chainlink surging by 34%, ImmutableX by 23%, and Pyth by 26%.  The mainstream discussion surrounding these assets suggests that fear of missing out (FOMO) may drive high volatility in their prices. 📈🗣️ #Chainlink […]

Market Analysis

CHAINLINK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (January 14) – Link Faces Rejection After Slight Bounce, Sets For Another Leg Down

Following recent breakdowns of key support levels, Link bounced back a bit but finds it difficult to push above the $16 level. It initiated another leg down this week, aiming a lower price levels in the upcoming week. In late December, Link initiated a drop after failing to increase above […]