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Solana Memecoin Zack Morris ($ZACK) Surges 35%, Developer Wallets Dominate Holdings

Solana-based memecoin Zack Morris ($ZACK) has captured attention by soaring 35% in the last 24 hours. According to on-chain data tracking platform Lookonchain, the developer behind $ZACK has been accumulating the token at remarkably low prices on the Pumpfun platform. A significant portion of $ZACK’s supply is held by developer-related […]

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Memecoins Surge In Q2: Massive Gains Amid Whale Accumulation As Trader Turned 9 SOL To 1,238 SOL In Minutes

The memecoin sector has been leading the charge in the cryptocurrency market during Q2, with significant surges across various assets. Leading the pack are $PEPE (+100%), $PONKE (+96%), $MAGA (+80%), $TURBO (+78%), and even $BITCOIN (+76%). This past week alone, meme assets have seen a remarkable 136% increase in trading […]

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Gamestop And AMC Craze Fuels Crypto Frenzy: Massive Gains And Painful Losses

The Gamestop and AMC mania has permeated the cryptocurrency market, drawing parallels between the speculative nature and crowd empowerment seen in both sectors. These two companies have become the top trending topics on cryptocurrency platforms, capturing the attention of traders and investors alike. 🎮📽️ The #Gamestop and #AMC craze has […]

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SOLANA PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (May 5) – Sol Is Footing Fresh Bullish Move But Can It Close Well Above $150 This Week?

Despite registering several losses in the past weeks, Solana’s ecosystem continued to grow and expand monthly as new tokens are birthed. Due to this week’s surge, it has regained momentum and is now bouncing back on the daily chart. Most larger cap altcoins have recovered well since the mid-week, including […]

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Smart Money Address Profits $410,000 In 8 Hours With PANTIES Investment

A smart money address, identified as B2egt…3VyLY, has made an impressive profit of $410,000 within just 8 hours by investing 300 $SOL to purchase PANTIES tokens, boasting a remarkable return rate of 1157%. 聪明钱地址 B2egt…3VyLY 投入 300 $SOL 购买 $PANTIES 已获利 41 万美金,8 小时回报率高达 1157% 该地址在 PANTIES 上线第一时间以 $0.000536 买入 […]

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Solana Network Faces Unprecedented Congestion Leading To Record Transaction Failures

The Solana network is currently grappling with an unprecedented level of congestion, resulting in a surge in transaction failures. This surge in failed transactions coincides with a significant increase in network activity, largely driven by the recent frenzy surrounding platform memecoins.  This surge has caused Solana’s transaction volume and unique […]