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Optimism Has Spiked To 8-Month High At $2.188 As Kraken Introduces USDT On OP Mainnet

Optimism has experienced a significant surge, reaching an 8-month high at $2.188, following Kraken’s announcement of Tether $USDT deposits and withdrawals now being available on Optimism through their platform. đź‘€ Kraken unleashing USDT on OP Mainnet https://t.co/CoJAkzZhRd — Optimism (✨🔴_🔴✨) (@optimismFND) December 7, 2023 The native governance token for Optimism, […]

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Chainlink Gains Momentum As Binance Funding Rate Tilts Favorably With Over 50% Spike In Trading Volume 

Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network, is experiencing a positive shift in its Binance funding rate, predominantly favoring long positions. This development, reaching the highest level in four weeks, coincides with Chainlink’s surge in value, surpassing the $16 threshold and advancing toward $20 with minimal resistance, according to insights from market […]

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Ethereum Achieves 18-Month High At $2,380 Amidst Whales’ Divergent Moves

Ethereum has reached an impressive milestone, surging to its highest level in 18 months and securing a position at $2,380. The latest trends in whale wallet activities shed light on intriguing dynamics within the Ethereum market, indicating potential for sustained growth. Insights from market intelligence platform Santiment reveal a noteworthy […]

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$CIRUS Achieves 7-Month High At $0.05707 Following Innovative Partnership

The Cirus Foundation, a Web3 initiative based on blockchain technology, has joined forces with Shift Markets, a prominent crypto exchange infrastructure provider. This will be inorder to spearhead the creation of non-custodial wallets seamlessly integrated with a global centralized exchange network. 🤝 We’re excited to announce our partnership with @shiftmarkets! […]

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Helium ($HNT) Surges Over 48% To New High Following Sudden Price Uptick

Helium ($HNT) stands out as a decentralized blockchain network dedicated to empowering Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Launched in July 2019, the Helium mainnet facilitates communication among low-powered wireless devices, leveraging a network of nodes for seamless data transfer. These nodes, known as Hotspots, function as a combination of wireless […]

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Bitcoin Achieves New Milestone, Surpassing Recent Yearly High, As It Hits $44,000 Level

Despite the notable sell-offs witnessed as Bitcoin breached the $40,000 threshold over the past weekend, the leading cryptocurrency has sustained its bullish trajectory.  In the face of significant declines in major tech stocks, a surge in Treasury yields, and a retracement in gold prices following a previous record high, Bitcoin […]

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Aurora Achieves Remarkable Yearly Highs At $0.6746 Following Recent Performance

Under the governance of AuroraDAO, Aurora emerges as a valuable tool facilitating the smooth transition of Ethereum users and dApps to the NEAR blockchain. Its versatile functionalities include allowing users to upload and interact with Solidity smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain and facilitating the movement of assets, including ERC-20 […]

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BITCOIN PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (December 4) – Bitcoin Breaks Higher After Weeks Of Contraction, Targets $44,000

As Bitcoin failed to provide a lower price discount, the price continued to break higher – registering a total of 50% gain in the last 30 days. More rallies are expected if it keeps breaking higher. Bitcoin advanced rally last week after staying in a three-week consolidation phase. It entered […]

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AIOZ Network Achieves Yearly High Following Vision Paper Unveiling

AIOZ Network, a revolutionary distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) operating on its blockchain, has experienced a significant surge, reaching its yearly high at $0.1979. This surge is attributed to the publication of the AIOZ Vision Paper, a comprehensive document outlining the platform’s future plans, including upcoming features and product launches. […]

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ChainLink Just Achieved This Remarkable Milestone In 2023 With Surge In Whale Transactions

On November 28, ChainLink (LINK) marked a significant milestone by experiencing its highest surge in whale transactions for the entire year. The announcement, made by Crypto Analyst Ali_Charts on X, revealed that over 2,600 transactions, each exceeding $100,000, took place, signifying a noteworthy uptick in LINK’s transactional activity. Over 2,600 […]