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Trader Loses $71 Million In Phishing Attack Due To Address Similarity

A shocking incident has emerged in the cryptocurrency community, with a trader reportedly falling victim to a phishing attack resulting in a staggering loss of $71 million. The unfortunate sequence of events unfolded when the trader, in a routine transaction, created a new address labeled “0xd9A1b0B1e1aE382DbDc898Ea68012FfcB2853a91” and transferred 0.05 $ETH […]

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Cryptocurrency Phishing Scams Leave Victims With Millions In Losses, $100 million Already Lost In 2024

The scourge of cryptocurrency phishing scams continues to wreak havoc, with nearly 57,000 individuals falling victim to these fraudulent schemes in February alone.  🚨 [1/6] ScamSniffer's February Phishing ReportIn February, about 57,000 victims lost approximately $47 million to crypto phishing scams.Compared to January, the number of victims who lost over […]

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WiseLending Protocol Faces Price Manipulation Attack, Resulting In $460k Loss

WiseLending, a comprehensive financial services platform in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, recently fell victim to a price manipulation attack, leading to a substantial loss exceeding $460,000. Distinguished as a one-stop-shop for DeFi financial services, Wise Lending is dedicated to simplifying yield generation while providing top-tier Annual Percentage Yield (APY) […]

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Web3 Projects Face Substantial $2.02 Billion Losses In 2023 Due To Security Breaches

The escalating risks to the security of web3 have become significant concerns for the future of this decentralized internet paradigm. Beyond the financial implications, the losses incurred from hacking attempts on web3 and smart contracts have cast doubts on the dependability of this emerging technology.  Globally, the perception of web3 […]

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Kyberswap Faces Major Setback As Security Breach Drains $46 Million In Crypto Assets

Kyberswap, a decentralized exchange operating within the Kyber Network, fell victim to a substantial security breach on November 23. The aftermath saw the loss of around $46 million in various crypto assets, impacting multiple networks, including Orbitrum, Ethereum, and Polygon. 🚨Urgent🚨 Dear KyberSwap Elastic Users,We regret to inform you that […]


5 Unusual Ways Users Unintentionally Expose Cryptocurrency Wallets To Hackers

Cryptocurrency security is a top priority for users, but hackers are continually devising new and unexpected methods to gain unauthorized access to wallets. Here are five lesser-known ways users inadvertently expose their cryptocurrency wallets to hackers: Public Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities: Many users access their cryptocurrency wallets using public Wi-Fi networks without […]