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Wintermute’s Major Deposits Impact PEPE And ARB Markets

Wintermute has recently made significant moves in the cryptocurrency market, depositing a staggering 702.9 billion PEPE tokens, valued at approximately $6.59 million, to Binance. This substantial deposit coincided with a 3.4% drop in the price of PEPE, highlighting the market’s sensitivity to large-scale transactions. 过去 4 小时 Wintermute 累计向币安充值 7029 […]

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Memecoins Shine Amid Market Downturn With High Profitability Rates

Despite the broader market downturn, many memecoins are proving resilient, with a significant portion of their holders still in profit. Leading the pack are $MOG and Pepe ($PEPE), which boast the highest percentages of profitable holders. Traditional favorites like $DOGE and $SHIB also demonstrate remarkable resilience, maintaining a considerable number […]

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Smart Money Backs $PEPE Amid Market Downturn

Despite the market’s recent decline, $PEPE continues to attract significant interest from Smart Money investors. Over the past three hours, notable wallets have made substantial purchases of the token, showing confidence in its potential. Wallet 0xe99b, tracked on icrypto.ai (icrypto.ai/wallet/0xe99bc…), recently acquired 17.23 billion $PEPE tokens for $141.28K at an […]

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Pepe Faces Pullback But Majority Of Holders Still Profitable Despite Whale Losses

Pepe ($PEPE) has experienced a pullback amidst the recent crypto market reversal. Despite this downturn, data from @intotheblock reveals that 86% of $PEPE holders remain in profit. This indicates strong resilience among investors even as market conditions fluctuate. Today, a significant whale activity was recorded when the wallet 0x837 deposited […]

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Ethereum Memecoin $PEPE Regains Bullish Momentum, Surging 8% Amidst Major Trader Capitulation

Ethereum-based memecoin $PEPE has seen a resurgence today, climbing by 8% and regaining some bullish momentum. However, this slight increase prompted a significant trader to capitulate and sell all of his $PEPE holdings at a break-even price. The trader, who had initially invested 114.7 billion $PEPE for 366.5 $ETH (approximately […]

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Ethereum-Based Memecoin $PEPE Hits All-Time High Amid Major Onchain Activity

The Ethereum-based memecoin $PEPE has recently surged to an all-time high, drawing significant attention from major investors and early adopters. Numerous onchain reports highlight substantial transactions, reflecting the heightened market activity and investor interest in $PEPE. BlockTower Capital transferred 202B $PEPE($2.8M) to #Cumberland for sale 2 hours ago after the […]

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PEPE PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (May 22) – Pepe Prints New High Following 100% Rally In 30 Days, Leading Top Gainer Chart

As expected, Pepe advanced higher this week and reached a significant milestone today following a weekly breakout. It continued to lead the frog-themed coins rally and is currently the market’s top gainer in the last 24 hours. Following last month’s bounce off the $0.00004 level, Pepe regained strength and maintained […]