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Polygon Faces Allegations Of Token Allocation Issues And Suspicious Flows To Exchanges

Polygon, a prominent blockchain network, is under scrutiny for apparent discrepancies in its token distributions, raising concerns about potential collaboration with Binance, as reported by intelligence organization ChainArgos. ChainArgos conducted research revealing disparities between Polygon’s stated objectives for token distribution and the actual movement of tokens. The primary focus of […]

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SOLANA PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (January 2) – Sol Faces Rejection Again After A Bounce, Is It Time To Sell? 

Following latest breakout in Bitcoin’s price, some altcoins recovered well from their recent lows, with Solana rising by 5% today. It encountered resistance and quickly washed gain within a blink. Solana took a small break in bullish last week after witnessing a massive price explosion in the preceding weeks. This […]

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ETHEREUM PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (January 1) – ETH Continues to Lose Momentum After Facing Rejection, Big Drop Around The Corner? 

Ethereum advanced bullish this week and broke out to a new yearly high. But it saw a rejection and failed to sustain bullish momentum. The price slipped and now looks weak on the daily timeframe.  Following a quick recovery above the $2100 level in the mid-month, Ethereum’s price increased and […]

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CRONOS PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (November 9) – Will CRO Scale Through This Tough Supply Zone After 80% Rally In A Month?

This week, Cronos’s price reached a crucial supply zone after rising consistently for a month. It has rejected that zone twice and is now deciding on where next to head. However, it remained bullish on a daily. After finding solid ground above the $0.05 level, CRO consolidated for two months […]


Understanding Cryptocurrency Price Charts: A Comprehensive Guide

Cryptocurrency price charts are invaluable tools for understanding and analyzing the volatile world of digital assets. These charts offer insights into the historical price movements and patterns of cryptocurrencies, aiding both traders and investors in making informed decisions. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to understand and analyze cryptocurrency price […]