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Crypto Whales Navigate Mixed Signals Amid Market Fluctuations, Top BTC Whales Accumulate More Bitcoins

Whale activity has been a mixed bag lately, with some whales opting to buy while others choose to sell, all in pursuit of capitalizing on recent market movements. Among the largest cohort of whales, those holding between 1,000 and 100,000 BTC, there’s a discernible trend of accumulation, typically associated with […]

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Ethereum Faces Volatility As Market Value Surpasses $3K With Whales Selling And Buying More Token

The cryptocurrency community celebrated a significant milestone as Ethereum’s market value surpassed $3,000 for the first time since April 2022. However, the jubilation was short-lived as the broader market experienced a drop over the past 24 hours, signaling a period of volatility. 🧐 #Crypto's celebration of #Ethereum's market value exceeding […]

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Arbitrum Token Experiences Price Correction Amidst Concerns About Token Unlock And Massive Sell-offs

The native token of Arbitrum, a blockchain network designed to enhance scalability for Ethereum, has recently encountered a significant price correction.  With the token’s value dipping to $1.84 in the past 24 hours, marking a 9% decline, investors have been closely monitoring its performance. At the time of writing, there […]

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Starknet’s STRK Token Faces Price Decline After Listing

Following its recent listing, Starknet’s native token, STRK, experienced a significant downturn, with its price plummeting by 27% within a 24-hour period.  The drop can be attributed largely to sell-offs triggered by a major airdrop, revealing challenges associated with token issuance strategies. Despite the potential of Starknet’s technology, the current […]

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JasmyCoin (JASMY) Surges Amidst Whales’ Accumulation and Profit-Taking Concerns

In a notable development within Japan’s cryptocurrency landscape, JasmyCoin (JASMY), the country’s largest cryptocurrency project, has experienced a remarkable surge in price over the past month. With gains exceeding 140% in the last 30 days and over 100% in the past week alone, JASMY has garnered significant attention from investors […]

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Bitcoin’s Rally Sparks General Cryptocurrency Market Surge

Bitcoin’s recent impressive performance has been the driving force behind the significant rise in the cryptocurrency market, leaving investors reaping profits as digital currencies experience a sharp increase in value. The correlation between Bitcoin and stocks has notably strengthened over the past two months, indicating investor optimism surrounding the possibility […]

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Polygon MATIC Experiences Range-Bound Trading Amidst Selling Pressure

Today, Polygon MATIC token is exhibiting a range-bound behavior, encountering slight selling pressure in the early trading hours. The selling pressure emanated from reports provided by Spotonchain, indicating that Wallet 0xa31, associated with the Hermez Network, deposited 3 million MATIC tokens ($2.85 million) to Kraken at an average price of $0.95 […]

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POLYGON MATIC PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (February 17) – Matic Faces Crucial Resistance After Surge, Can It Breakthrough?

Following a nice bounce above the $0.80 range last week, Matic increased by another 15% this week to reclaim a key resistance level. The price is currently stuck as it negotiates for the next major move. Matic’s recovery has been impressive over the past weeks following a sharp bounce off […]