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ChainLink Just Achieved This Remarkable Milestone In 2023 With Surge In Whale Transactions

On November 28, ChainLink (LINK) marked a significant milestone by experiencing its highest surge in whale transactions for the entire year. The announcement, made by Crypto Analyst Ali_Charts on X, revealed that over 2,600 transactions, each exceeding $100,000, took place, signifying a noteworthy uptick in LINK’s transactional activity. Over 2,600 […]

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BITCOIN PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (November 29) – BTC Extends Consolidation Amid Low Volume, Signals Potential Divergence

Since Bitcoin tested the upper boundary of its channel this month, the volatility dropped as it entered a consolidation phase. It is still trying to regain momentum on a daily but lacks enough volume to sustain the rally. Bitcoin’s consolidation phase extended this week amid low volatility. The trend is […]

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DYDX Token Skyrockets Hits Over 50% As Unlock Event Comes Closers and Staking Rewards Announcement 

The native coin of the dYdX chain, DYDX/USD, has encountered an impressive surge, denoting an incredible 50% increase in value inside the past seven days.  Of course, the main reason behind this market increase are twofold. One, the expectation surrounding an impending token unlock event. Then, the new presentation of […]

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$GROK Token Controversy That Resulted In More than 40% Loss In Value And The Counter-Action

Elon Musk’s Grok AI bot-inspired memecoin $GROK has turned into the focal point of a crypto controversy, shaking the cryptocurrency community as questions about its realness come up. Zachxbt raised concerns on X (formerly Twitter) on November 13, suggesting that Grok’s online presence may be a façade with assets repurposed […]

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Bancor (BNT) Witnesses Great Rebound Amidst Whales’ Accumulation As Value Hits A Notable $1.92

Bancor (BNT), the decentralized liquidity protocol, has encountered a momentous circle back lately, seeing its market capitalization over triple in the range of only four days. Of course, this unprecedented spike appears to have been incited by Whale’s investment and huge holders reliably. 10,000 $BNT Wallet Holders Continues Massive Accumulation […]

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Ethereum Surges Past $2,000 Mark As Daily Revenue Hits 4-Month High

In a remarkable new development, Ethereum (ETH) soared to another milestone by breaking the $2,000 price resistance, driven by the optimism surrounding the news that the crypto giant, BlackRock, submitted another ETF for SEC review. Record-Breaking Daily Revenue For Ethereum Following this accomplishment, Ethereum’s daily revenue witnessed a significant surge, […]

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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings On Significant Profit As Bitcoin Makes Historic High Surge

In an exceptional new development, Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency, surged to almost $38,000 today, denoting its highest valuation since May 2022. This bullish momentum has fundamentally benefitted MicroStrategy, a prominent player in the crypto space, prompting a staggering paper profit of $1.2 billion as of November 9th, today. Massive Bitcoin […]

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Whale Transactions Signal Likely Reversals: Watch Out For $1inch, $ELON, $MATIC, and $WOO

As the cryptocurrency market encounters a powerful blend of surges and consolidations among different altcoins, a sharp spotlight on whale transaction spikes gives important insights. Prominently, the present consideration is attracted to four tokens — 1inch, ELON, MATIC, and WOO — that display outstanding whale transaction activity, showing signs of […]

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Tellor’s Exceptional 1,025% Price Surge In 90 days And The Accumulation Of $TRB Tokens

Tellor, a decentralized oracle network powering DeFi platforms with real-world data, has seen an astonishing rally, surging by more than 1,025% in only three months. This exceptional ascent has slung Tellor to the 112th position in the cryptocurrency market cap rankings, highlighting its developing unmistakable quality in the crypto space. […]