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Bitcoin Hits 900 Million Transactions: A Milestone Amidst the Halving Event

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has achieved yet another significant milestone on its journey to becoming a global digital asset. With over 900 million transactions processed, this achievement couldn’t have come at a more intriguing time, as the next halving event approaches. Bitcoin Hits Major Milestone The 900 million transaction mark […]

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The Impact Of Increasing Self-Custody On $SUSHI, $REEF, $ELF, $BICO, $CRV, and $INJ

Self-custody, or the practice of holding cryptocurrencies in private wallets rather than on exchanges, is gaining traction among investors. This shift is particularly notable for coins like SUSHI, REEF, ELF, BICO, CRV, and INJ, as their supplies on exchanges are decreasing. Historically, such reductions in exchange supplies have been associated […]

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MicroStrategy Bolsters Bitcoin Holdings with $147.3 Million Purchase

In a move that reaffirms its commitment to cryptocurrencies, MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence firm, has recently announced the acquisition of an additional 5,445 Bitcoin (BTC) for approximately $147.3 million. This strategic investment was made at an average price of $27,053 per BTC, further expanding MicroStrategy’s already substantial crypto portfolio. […]

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Google Cloud Continues Digging Deep Into The Blockchain Technology

Google Cloud is making significant strides in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space by expanding support for various blockchains within its BigQuery data analytics service. This move underscores Google’s recognition of the growing importance of blockchain technology and the data it generates. Google Cloud Supports 11 Additional Blockchains The addition of […]

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Bitcoin Traders’ Aggressive Shorting On Binance Can Potentially Cause A Price Increase Impact, Here’s How

In recent weeks, the Bitcoin market has witnessed a surge in aggressive shorting on major exchanges, most notably on Binance. This development has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency community, with traders and analysts closely monitoring the situation. As a result of this increased shorting activity, Bitcoin’s price has experienced a […]


Top Ten (10) Metrics For Trading Cryptocurrency, Beyond Price Analysis

When trading cryptocurrencies, monitoring various metrics is crucial for making informed decisions. Social and fundamental indicators play a significant role in assessing the potential value and volatility of a cryptocurrency. Social metrics involve gauging community sentiment and engagement, which can influence price trends. Monitoring online forums, social media discussions, and […]


Top 5 Terrible Mistakes Most Traders Make

Cryptocurrency trading is a risky business, and even experienced traders can make mistakes. However, there are some common mistakes that beginner cryptocurrency traders often make. Here are the top 5 bad mistakes cryptocurrency traders often make: Not doing their research. Before you invest in any cryptocurrency, it’s important to do […]