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10K Club .ape DID Airdrop to BAYC Communities

JazDID is a decentralized identity (DID) domain name launchpad co-founded by “Unforgettable” RIAA Diamond record rapper French Montana, USM.World founder Dr. Watney, and Null TX Owner & Founder Marat (Mark) Arguinbaev. JazDID has partnered with USM.world, one of the largest Metaverses on the ETH & BNB networks backed by Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company is the builder of Metamask) and OKX ventures.

.ape is a public suffix for all decentralized users, more oriented for BAYC, MAYC, and Otherdeed holders. Users can use .ape as their decentralized identity on Otherside, USM.World, decentraland, and more Metaverses.

JazDID soulbounds game accounts, assets, data, avatars, transactions, profiles, web3.0 domains, etc. This enables JazDID to provide a ZK-based (zero knowledge friendly) KYC service.

  1. Airdrops to BAYC holders

JazDID launched its first drop of 10,000 “.ape” Mint Passes on September 21st, 2022 (UTC 2 PM). The 10K “.ape DID Mint Pass” will be reserved for BAYC holders until November 19th, 2022. On November 20th, the remaining 10k club .ape DID (4-digit names) mint passes will be put into another mystery collection.

BAYC holders on the whitelist are eligible for a free mint of a 10k Club 4-digit .ape DID domain name mapping their BAYC Token ID.

For example:

  • BAYC #8 is eligible to mint 0008.ape mint pass for free
  • BAYC #8868 is eligible to mint 8868.ape mint pass for free
    • If you don’t have #8, you can not get 0008.ape mint pass. If you have 5 BAYC NFTs, you can mint five xxxx .ape mappings your BYAC Token IDs.

Jaz DID was co-founded by French Montana. He announced it via his Twitter:

French Montana is the holder of BAYC #5489, and he minted 5489.ape:

@franklinisbored minted 8048.ape and 8502.ape (Franklin is the world’s 6th largest @BoredApeYC #BAYC holder.)

How to get whitelists during the genesis stage for BAYC holders:

  1. DM @Jaz_DID Twitter account or email to: [email protected]
  2. The JazDID team will manually put your “hot wallet” and the mapped token ID in the whitelists.

Note: You don’t need to connect your “BAYC wallet” with the JazDID app or website.

Many of the existing 10k club “.eth ens” are worth more than 10 ETH.  JazDID believes that .ape is the next blue-chip DID name, and it might be the next big thing in this crypto winter. Each 10k club .ape DID has excellent potential. That’s why JazDID will do whitelists for BAYC holders manually.

When to free mint: 

September 21st, 2022, UTC 2 PM (The free mint page is already launched.)

Where to free mint: (only regular gas fee, no any other cost. No need to put gas fee high)


Apply to be a 10k club .ape Ambassador:


  1. Airdrops to MAYC Holders:

MAYC holders can free mint 100k club .ape (5-digit name. The number will be random). 10000-19999.ape names (A total of 10K) are reserved for MAYC holders until November 19th, 2022.  A total of 10,000 titles are reserved.  

How to enter the whitelist:

  1. “Quote Retweet” French’s tweets here with the below template:

“I the #XXXX holder. I am applying to get my hot wallet oxxxxxxx into the whitelists (no need to be a MAYC holder wallet).  @jaz_did.

  1. @jaz_did team will reply. Jaz Dev will then manually add the hot wallet to the whitelist.

Note: This method requires manual review and whitelisting. Because one MAYC is expensive, it’s not required for holders to connect the MAYC wallet with the JazDID website to free mint.

When to free mint:

Sep 22, 2022, UTC 2 PM

Where to free mint:

https://www.openpfp.com (specific page to be launched. JazDID already launched the airdrop page for BAYC)

Apply to be 100k club .ape Ambassador:


  1. Airdrops to otherdeed for Otherside holders:

“Otherdeed for Otherside” holders on whitelists can free mint 100k club .ape (5-digit name. The number will be random). 20000–49999.ape names (a total of 30k) are reserved for Otherdeed holders until November 19th, 2022.

How to enter the whitelists:

  1. “Quote Retweet” French’s tweets here with the below template:

“I the otherdeed#XXXX holder. I am applying to get my wallet that holds otherdeed into the whitelists ( the wallet must have at least one otherdeed). @jaz_did.”

  1. @jaz_did will reply and add your wallets to the whitelists.

Note: If your wallet has five otherdeed NFTs, you can mint five “100k club .ape mint pass.” (the number will be random)

When to free mint: (around September 29th, 2022, UTC 2 PM). Follow JazDID on Social Media to stay up to date with the latest developments of the project:


https://www.openpfp.com/mintpass-deed (page not launched yet)

Apply to be a .ape ambassador:


Social Media for JazDID:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JAZ_DID

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaz__did/

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZPwnd4bM

Telegram: https://t.me/JazDIDofficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@JazDID

Additional Information

The 100k club (five-digit) .ape will not be open to the public for registration until March 2023 or March 2025. The only way to get one “100k club, five-digit” name is to have one 10k club .bab or one MAYC to get an airdrop.

JazDID dev will not open public registration for 3-character and 4-character .ape (not in the 1k club or the 10k club) until March 2025 or never open it.

10k club .ape is reserved for BAYC holders. They will not be open to the public for registration either.

The only way to get a “10k club .ape” is to have (or rent) one BAYC by November 19th, 2022.

The only way to get a “100k club. Ape” is to have “one 10k club .bab” or one MAYC to get airdrop later.

Most of the .ape “1k club .ape” will be put into a mystery collection with the left “10k club. Ape”. We are expecting there will be 100–500 BAYC holders to free mint “10k club .ape” from September 22nd- November 19th, 2022. We believe there will be around 8000–9000 “10k club .ape” left by November 19th.

There will be around 800–900 “1k club .ape” and 8000–9000 “10k club .ape” in the mystery collection drop on November 20th. Please be aware that there will be only a few “10k club .ape” DIDs in the market from September 22nd to November 19th, 2022. There will be no other 3-character and 4-character .ape in the market during this period.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects.

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